On display

   This week’s window is inspired by ‘sparkling’ aqua waters from some far flung tropical destination. And as we begin a spanking clean new year we are anxious to ‘dive in’ to what lies ahead. Thank-you to all our valued customers for your continued loyal patronage and we wish you all a happy & healthy 2012!


On display

      We decided to keep this week’s window simple. We know your peepers are overwhelmed by the marketing, crowds and general visual pressures that come with the holidays. So give your eyeballs a mini break, and let them rest their gaze upon our black and white window.


Stocking stuffers

This post is for all of you last minute shoppers with a Chanel lover in your lives. And in this case, good things come to those who procrastinate. We have some great small gifts/stocking stuffers that pack a punch. First up is a convertible navy quilted lambskin purse/fanny pack. You can also pull the chain out and wear it as a necklace or a belt, there are so many possibilities with this one! It measures 6″ x 1.5″ x 5” Sold. Next up is a mini 2.55 in black velvet with a long gold chain strap. It measures 5.5″ x 2″ x 4″ Sold. And lastly with have a limited edition, Santa red lambskin box purse with structured gold chain handle. It measures 5.5″ x 3″ x 3.5″ Sold. Please contact us for more details. Should this be our last post before Christmas, we here at The Cat’s Meow want to wish you all a happy and healthy holidays.

Matches anything

We still have the Multicolore Speedy 30 in white for all of you cruising cats. But if you are stuck in Canada this season, why not grab it in black? It just came in looking for someone to love and hold handles with.  It matches everything, and is easy going. Measures 12″ x 7″ x 8″. Please contact us for more details. Sold

On display

       Growing up in the country, I have many fond memories of mother nature’s beauty. One day, while romping through the cedar forest behind our home, I came across a freaky alien like pod. I soon was educated in the fact that it was a monarch cocoon, and was amazed how it was speckled in gold. So take a cue from the butterflies, swaddle yourself in green and gold this holiday season.


On display

    We often have customers that come in because of what they like in the window. Most of these people say that they check out our displays while driving by in their cars. And there have been a couple of rear-endings right out front of the shop…. Is there a connection? We like to think so, it facilitates our fashion ego. So this is a public service announcement to all of you rubberneckers; Thank you for your gazing, but please pull over to view our frocks. And this week, “Halt for Cobalt.”


Chanel, in a big way!

      Mr. Claus knows to never take a year off, because it would cost him dearly if Mrs. Claus were to take the reins.  She would be painting the deer’s hooves, upgrading the sleigh, and demand her gift sack be this Chanel 1980’s *limited edition* massive duffle bag. She wouldn’t be caught seen with anything else!  The navy lambskin compliments her pallor and  the chains are heavy and sturdy enough for the weight of the gifts. The huge embroidered CC’s are on the bottom for everyone to see as she flies overhead, of course.  Luckily for our customers, she’s not piloting this year, so it’s up for grabs! Measures 13.5″ x 13.5″ x 23″. Please contact us for details.

Noe for Noel?

Epi leather bags definitely have their following. Perhaps it’s because they are a quietly luxurious option for the Louis Vuitton lover. This Noe is a perfect bag for the busy gal who needs her space. Measures approx. 10″ x 7″ x 10″. Please contact us for more details.Sold

On display

     We would like to pay homage to the first snowfall of the season, with this window.  Although it’s cold and hard to drive in, you have to admit, it’s really pretty! Mother nature knows best, so imitate your surroundings with one of these frocks. Appease her, we need her to go easy on us this winter!