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On display

Friday, May 27th, 2016

We think our new champagne window is just as effervescent  and sweet as the French beverage. We’ve come upon this conclusion after studying the reactions of passersby on the sidewalk. It’s all math really…. Pedestrian speed x fashion stimuli / dopamine increase = goodness.

L~ Contemporary hand sequined dress, size 2-4. Sold

C~ 1960’s 2pc silk dress and jacket. Size 10.

R~Prabal Gurung cream silk blouse with ribbons and mink pom pom detail, size 10. Worn with an Oscar de la Renta skirt, size 10.

On display

Friday, May 20th, 2016

So everyone went gaga last week over our instagram pic of the tangerine window! We figured we would stick with the fruity juice theme since that’s what everyone seems to be thirsty for. Feel like a twist of lime this time?  Don’t worry this citrus won’t make you pucker, we promise 😉

L~1960’s cotton dress with hand beaded milk glass trim, size 0-2.

C~ 1970’s chiffon gown with ornate pearl waistband, size 6-8. Sold

R~1960’s cotton jacket with hand beaded milk glass trim. Size XS-S.

On display

Friday, May 13th, 2016

Fresh squeezed tangerines are now juicing it up in our window. (And by juicing I don’t mean the steroid crazy/scary muscle kind, that would be weirder than GMOs….) Warm weather time is now here and that means THOSE events are soon approaching. What will you be wearing?  C’mon in for a visit and let us show you something sweet from our collection. Lots of new party and day dresses added weekly.

L~ 1960’s chiffon dress, size 4. (Crinoline sold separately.) Worn with a Deco brass and Czech glass belt.

C~ Roberto Cavalli sik floral print bias-cut dress, size S. Worn with a 1960’s clear crystal expandable choker. Sold

R~ 1960’s satin rosebud dress, size 4-6. On sale!

On display

Friday, May 6th, 2016

When black’s not right, why not navy? The non-neutral but yet neutral shade… Check out the crazy Walk Away Factor™ on that dress to the right. Its button up racerback is stunningly chic, especially forward for it’s time considering that it’s from the 1970’s. Perfectly flirty and guaranteed to drop jaws!

L~Contemporary french silk dress with hand beading, size 10-12.

C~Prada cotton print dress, size 4-6. Sold

R~Rodrigues 1970’s silk chiffon dress with fab back, size 2. Worn with a 1960’s crystal and poured glass necklace.