Chanel Creations

We just got in three iconic Chanel pieces.  They are all labelled ‘Chanel Creations’ which was the label used before Lagerfeld took over in 1982. They all date from the 1970’s and are so classic!  The first is a double breasted, nehru collared, navy wool bouclé with gold and burgundy trim. The second one is a baby blue, taupe and cream, silk with wool bouclé suit.  It also has three pockets, which is quite unusual Sold. And the last is a cream wool bouclé, 3/4 length lined coat with mink trim, sooo lux Sold!  All of these dahlings have the classic gold gilded lion head buttons. They are a contemporary size 6-8. Please contact us for more details.

On display

     We have gotten in some really special white and cream dresses as of late.  So if you’re a bride to be or a young graduate who is in need of a great vintage white cocktail dress, then c’mon in!


On display

  This week’s window is brought to you by your breakfast plate. Egg yolk, yellow. So healthy and filled with the good stuff. Now we know a lot of you ladies are afraid to wear this colour, but  you really shouldn’t be. We believe with a good lipstick you can pull it off, no matter what skin tone you are. Don’t be afraid, radiate and let them call you sunshine!

On display

    Imagine you live in the country, not a house to be seen around you, at one with Canada’s natural beauty. And one summer’s day, while doing dishes and looking out your front window, you see a peacock strut across your lawn! How could that be, this is far from India! But this is a true story, that happened to someone close to us. And it’s what comes to mind when we look at this week’s window display….

On display

   This weeks window is full of pastel power. All hand sequined on knit, these beauties hail from the late 1950’s.  They are soft and feminine, but yet have the ‘wiggle dress’ effect that Marilyn would approve of. The middle Judy is making the others jealous with her added hand embroidered flowers.

Harlequin done right.

  This post is not about a jester type character, nor is it about a trashy romance novel. It’s about a great classic, chunky bold hammered Chanel necklace. It’s definitely not a joke, but you can lust for it! Contact us for details. Sold