Travel much?

   This post is for all of you who have been requesting Louis Vuitton wallets and accessories. In the first photo we have a sunglasses’case Sold, the toiletry pouch 15, flap over clutch/wallet sold, and a tube pochette.  In the second photo was have a passport holder(sold), the Tresor wallet (sold) and the fuchsia vernis French wallet (sold). Please contact us for more details.

Petal Power

   Chanel loved her camellias, and she started using them in her collections as far back as 1922. Since then they have been an enduring symbol of her House. They are still made using a technique developed in the late 19th century. Precision is key, and each camellia goes through many stages, one being shaped over a white-hot ball. As Chanel stated it best, “A lot of serious work goes into successful frivolity”. Our largest camellia measures 5.5″ (black Sold) and our smallest measures 3″ (gingham). (Cream, small white and gingham, and blush, all sold) Please contact us for more details.

On display

    Yeah! Our new awning is up and shading! Thus, colours for all! We love combining different greens together, kind of like imitating mother nature’s style. She doesn’t mind though, she realizes it’s a form of flattery… So we have paired lime green and turquoise, for that pop of freshness.

Out and about

    Wendy Lands wrote us the other day and wanted us to know that she loves her 1960’s dress that she got from us. She wore it while singing on stage and said that “people went crazy for it!” Thanks for letting us know Wendy, you do wear it well.

Fanny packs

    With the current trend of fanny packs on the runways, why not go for an original? All from the late 80’s & early 90’s, Chanel took the fanny to the next level of style.  From top to bottom we have a black silk quilted fanny that is convertible. It can be a fanny, a shoulder purse, or you can take the strap off and use it as a belt using the purse as a clutch. This ingenious little number measures 5″ x 6″. Sold The next one is in indigo quilted lambskin. It can pull double duty by using the strap as a belt and the purse as a clutch. It measures 5″ x 6.5″. Sold And lastly, we have the white leather fanny, although not a convertible like it’s buddies, it is beautifully made with a three strand leather woven chain belt and camellia drop fob Sold. Measures 4″ x 7.5″. Please contact us for detail.


Heavy metal

On days when you need to throw your weight around, why not get a little help from one of these heavy hitters. They will announce your arrival as they sashay and sway around your hips. Chanel hoop belt with CC logo measures 37“Sold. Black leather woven chain with coin, measures 41“Sold. Chain belt with swag and perfume bottle fob, measures 41.5″ Sold. Please contact us for details.


Chanel round logo shades

   Keep those crow’s feet at bay in these stylish Chanel sunnies! Ultra fab, rare and coveted styles all from the late 80’s.   From top to bottom, Chanel white circle sunglasses with black writing sold, black Chanel circle sunglasses with white writing sold, and black camera lens shades with silver arms sold. Please contact us for details.




Juicy fruits

Pop into summer with these tasty numbers.  All from the House of Vuitton, and a size to suit everyone. From top to bottom they are as follows. Vernis Mott baby blue shoulder purse (sold), Vernis fuchsia and red Reade PM both sold, Mandarin Epi  Dhanura GM (sold), Multicolore Speedy 30 Sold, shell pink Vernis Reade MM Sold, and lastly a Vernis Houston pale yellow purse Sold. Please contact us for details.

Chanel sans chain

     If chain straps aren’t for you, then your ultimate Chanel bag has arrived. It’s handle is oh so soft. It will treat your hand or forearm with the utmost care.  Very classy and a great size for everyday use. Measures 11″ x 3″ x 8″. Please contact us for detail.

On display

    Another week, another lightly coloured window….. We are dying to put in our beautifully colourful fresh arrivals, but alas, still no awning to protect them. So until then, we have a bridal themed window filled with lacy creamy wonders sure to make him say ‘I do’!