Chanel deluge!

Chanel deluge!

Ok ladies, take a deep breath and buckle your seat belts as we are about to show you our largest posting yet of Chanel treats! We have 21 items to woo you with, so get your screen shooting fingers ready because mother’s day is just around the corner.

Chanel blue Gripoix glass bubble clip ons. Measuring 7/8″.

Chanel dangle drop ball clip on earrings. Measuring 1¼” x ¼”.

Chanel gold clamper bangle. Measures 6″ in circumference x ½”. Buckle is 2½.

Chanel bangle with cube charms. Measures 8¼” circumference. Each cube is ¼”²

Chanel gold double chain necklace with fobs. Measures 39″ total length. Sold

Chanel gold swag chain belt. Measures 36″ x ¾”.

Chanel 1980’s red lambskin leather quilted clutch. Measures 11″ x 2¼” x 7¼”. Sold

Chanel 1980’s rust suede quilted purse with gold hardware. Measures 9¼” x 2″ x 6″. Sold

Chanel medium double flap 2.55 in camel caviar leather with gold hardware. Measures 10″ x 2½” x 6″. Has some minor issues, but who doesn’t? Sold

Chanel cream silk blouse with navy scalloped trim. Size 6-8.

Chanel cream silk blouse with black cuffs and logo pockets. Size 4-6. Sold

Chanel 2007 gray cashmere hoodie. Size 0-6. Sold

Chanel 1995 purple, black and fuchsia wool boucle skirt suit. Size 4-6. Sold

Chanel 1999 dusty rose boiled wool jacket. Size 4-6.

Chanel 2000 light lemon wool fitted and cropped jacket. Size 2-4.

Chanel 2000 light lemon jacket. Size 8.

Chanel 1999 mushroom and gold tweed jacket with toggles. Size 2-4.

Chanel 2008 black wool boucle jacket with braid trim. Size 0-2 Sold

Chanel 1998 chocolate cashmere jacket. Size 10

Chanel deep navy jacket. General size small.

Chanel 1980’s multicoloured wool boucle jacket. Size 8.

As always, please contact us for more details.