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On display

Friday, May 19th, 2017

These soft yellows are springing us into our long weekend. We have Queen Victoria and her birthday to thank for the extra day off on Monday.  Ever wonder what Vicky thought of the colour yellow? Well, from our very brief research we discovered that her drawing room was decorated all in amber tones. So we’re going to take a long shot and say that her late Majesty would approve of this display. Enjoy your weekend!

L~1960’s light wool A-line dress, hand beaded. Size 6-8.

C~1960’s hand beaded cotton dress, size 0-2.

R~Prada crystal embellished empire waist dress, size 6. 1950’s crystal necklace.


On display

Thursday, April 13th, 2017

Happy Easter and/or holiday weekend! I’m excited to show you this window, you see it’s been a long time coming. I’ve been dying to showcase that centre Rochas gown FOREVER but didn’t have the correct 3rd dress until that little Prada on the right floated on in. Good things come to those who wait, I guess… Check out the walk-away-factor™ on the Rochas, isn’t it deliciously dramatic?!

L~Mulberry silk shirt dress, size small.

C~Rochas bias cut silk gown, size small.

R~Prada silk chiffon dress with slip, size 0-2.  Deco crystal necklace (put on the gown in right pic).

On display

Friday, November 4th, 2016

This green and black label-licious window is jam packed with the designers you know and love! Please see below for details.  We’d like to take a moment now and give a shout out to our consignors. If it wasn’t for your consignment of beautiful clothing and accessories, this display would have never come to life. Thank-you for your excellent taste and entrusting us with your items, you rock:)


L~Prada silk jaguar print dress with resin chain trim, size 8 sold.

C~ Burberry silk taffeta strapless dress, size 4-6. Victorian lariat/belt sold.

R~Hermès silk and cashmere ‘Brides de Gala’ shirt, size S. Celine 1970’s wool skirt, size 6-8.

On display

Saturday, August 6th, 2016

Burst onto the scene in a riot of colour & print! We have some dramatic long skirts and gowns that have recently hit the floor. Lots in in various sizes, eras & designers. So grab your friends, moms, aunts, cousins, grannies & sisters for a day of multi-generational fashion fun at TCM.


L~Erdem silk print max skirt, size 8. Herve Leger top, size XXS. Louis Rousselet 1950’s choker.

C~Erdem silk print gown, size 8. 1960’s Grosse 10 strand necklace.

R~1970’s cotton stripe maxi skirt, size 2-4 Sold. Prada grosgrain top, size 4-6. Victorian brass locket necklace.

On display

Friday, June 24th, 2016

Allergy and wedding sneazon (typo, it’s staying) is upon us. If you suffer from allergies like moi then you’ll be wanting to scratch out your own eyes, plug your nose with anything in reach and praying that another hive doesn’t pop up.

Ailments aside, we hope you’re not suffering through dress shopping.  We’ve heard how hard the struggle is out there and we have your remedy. Unplug yourself from the fashion mediocrity by checking out our options below⇓  New items arriving in weekly. Why don’t you stock us physically,  or on Instagram for the freshest selection?


L~ Prada silk peplum dress, size 6. Worn with a 1970’s silver belt.

C~ 1950’s couture silk print dress, size 4.

R~Hervé Leger bandage dress with side slit zippers, size XS. Worn with a 1960’s 5 strand necklace.


On display

Friday, June 17th, 2016

I realize that this window is a bit of a stretch in the colour compatibility department. I guess I’m just feeling wild and risky this week! Or, it’s that I just had to showcase these beauties before they find new homes and leave us behind. I’m totally head over heels in love with the Oscar on the right! The feather and tulle hem is so feminine and it reminds me of  that robin egg blue Chanel confection that we had back in 2014. The Prada in the centre isn’t too bad either…

L~1950’s butterfly print cotton skirt, size 4-6 Sold. Worn with a tank and a Victorian jet bead lariat/belt.

C~Prada dusty rose/mocha silk taffeta dress, size 2-4. Worn with a 1960’s crystal and pearl necklace.

R~Oscar de la Renta silk chiffon pleated dress with tulle and feather hem. Size 2-4.

On display

Friday, June 10th, 2016

We didn’t quite know what to call this colour…… Ice blue, steel blue, slate blue or periwinkle blue? We decided to settle on powder blue, as it’s soft with a hint of grey. The Prada dress on the left is one of ten incredibly beautiful dresses that we received in this week. We hope to feature them all for you  in the window before they sell. There are some really exquisite pieces from houses like Chanel, Oscar and Valli just to name a few. Pop in soon for a peek!

L~ Prada appliqué on organza dress, size 4-6. Sold

C~ Ceil Chapman (Marilyn M’s fav)1950’s  silk chiffon gown, size 6.

R~ 1960’s hand crochet raffia dress, size 4-6. Worn with a 1970’s crystal necklace.



On display

Friday, May 6th, 2016

When black’s not right, why not navy? The non-neutral but yet neutral shade… Check out the crazy Walk Away Factor™ on that dress to the right. Its button up racerback is stunningly chic, especially forward for it’s time considering that it’s from the 1970’s. Perfectly flirty and guaranteed to drop jaws!

L~Contemporary french silk dress with hand beading, size 10-12.

C~Prada cotton print dress, size 4-6. Sold

R~Rodrigues 1970’s silk chiffon dress with fab back, size 2. Worn with a 1960’s crystal and poured glass necklace.

On display

Friday, December 4th, 2015

Now that sweater weather is gone you probably need to up your coat game. Or, if you’re like us, you may have developed somewhat of a coat/jacket habit. We feel we have graduated out of the shoe addiction phase (maybe?) and have moved forward responsibly onto crisp weather attire. Perhaps shoes are the gateway drug of the fashion world and now we’re onto the harder stuff? Who knows, we don’t want to question it! We just want to feel the comfortingly warm effects it has on our bodies and the compliments from passerbys. Need to fuel your wants and/or needs? Please see below↓


L~Prada forest green wool coat is a size 8, with vintage brooch. C~Prada wool & mink dress, size 4. Worn with 2 Art Nouveau brass necklaces. R~Miu Miu wool coat is a size 4-6 and is worn with an Hermes scarf.

On display

Friday, November 13th, 2015

We’re fully stocked with lots of sparkly tops and skirts to help you complete your holiday party look(s). Enter the room in a luxe purple & gold combo to dazzle them this season. Fun fact;  since ancient times Tyrian purple (also known as royal purple, imperial purple or imperial dye) is a purple-red dye, which is extracted from sea snails. It was first produced by the ancient Phoenicians as early as 1570 BC. It took as many as 250,000 mollusks to yield just one ounce of usable dye. Clothes made from the dye were exorbitantly expensive—a pound of purple wool cost more than most people earned in a year—so they naturally became a status symbol of the rich and powerful. The struggle was real for poor purple lovers. Fast forward to the 1850’s~scientist (and snail hugger) William Perkin stumbled upon inventing the first synthetic dye, that being purple. The masses could now indulge in wearing the once unachievable colour and the snails rejoiced anointing Perkin their King.

L~Prada skirt size 4, 1970’s top size 4-6. Centre~wool knit dress size 8-10, 1960’s sequin trench size S Sold. R~Oscar skirt size 6, Maria Pinto top size 8.