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On display

December 9th, 2016

So our Golden Girls window last week went a little viral over on our Instagram account. Don’t know the ins and outs of why or how but we had over 479 likes on it. That’s huge for us! I’m hoping this Santa red display has the same effect on people. But alas, I have a confession to make… As soon as the Dior on the left got wheeled into place it got snatched up by one of our regulars.  If you’re a Dior loving size 2-4, so sorry for the tease.


L~ Dior red day dress with leather belt, size 2-4. Sold

C~1950’s red taffeta dress (crinoline sold separate), size 0-2. 1940’s brass and crystal cross necklace. 1970’s brass chain long necklace with pearls and crystals.

R~ 1970’s pleated Marilyn dress, size 6-8. 1970’s gold mesh necklace sold.

On display

December 2nd, 2016

Glitter the night away like the golden goddess that you are this holiday season! We have 9, 10, 14 and rich 24 karat coloured frocks in an array of textures available.  How darling is our 1950’s ribbon skirt featured front & centre below? It’s like a candy cane and wrapping paper had a chic textile baby together. Doesn’t get more festive than that, now does it? Something grab your eye? Give us a ring at 647-435-5875 or contact us to get a price.


L~1980’s YSL runway brocade coat, size 4-8.

C~1950’s sparkle ribbon skirt, size 0-2 (crinoline not included). 1950’s gold (hand) beaded cardigan, size S-M.

R~1970’s gold fringe skirt, size 2-4. St. John cream knit top, size M. 1950’s metal braid jacket, size M.

On display

November 24th, 2016

Was your 2016 about as smooth as sandpaper? Well cut loose and indulge the night away in either the knit on the left or the caftan style on the right. They will keep you looking elegant and give you room to blow off some steam in. Sparkle bright like the holiday lights this season and enjoy yourself kitten.


L~ 1970’s sparkle knit gown, general size S. 1970’s crystal bib necklace sold.

C~1950’s metallic thread sheath dress, size 2-4. Victorian cut steel choker. 1940’s art glass necklace.

R~1970’s Jean Muir sparkle chiffon caftan style gown, one size fits most sold. 1950’s crystal brooch.

On dispaly

November 18th, 2016

‘Tis the season to put up those holiday lights. After tackling the crowds and long line ups last weekend, I found 76 feet of cute warm white mini lights to decorate our windows with. I figured the battle was half won… How wrong I was! Little did I know that it would take many hours of configuring plugs & clips with enough curse words to make a sailor blush. But alas, it IS complete. So if you have yet to do yours, god speed! I do say though, they make this week’s window look extra glam. Or maybe it’s just the fact that our mannequins are all divas in their chic vintage evening coats. I’ll let you be the judge;



L~ 1950’s sack back satin evening jacket, one size fits most.

C~1960’s brocade coat with fox fur hem  & jewel buttons. Size M-L.

R~Early 1950’s silk taffeta jacket with origami trim. One size fits most. 1960’s jewel belt, adjustable. Deco crystal necklace.

On display

November 11th, 2016

Ok, let’s cut straight to the chase! How terribly chic is that 1950’s trapeze coat on the right! It makes me swoon and let out random “ohhhhs” while looking at it. From the oversized pockets & sleeves to the HUGE abalone buttons; this is perfection in a coat. The label is long gone, but we have a feeling that this is from a New York designer. Very à la Balenciaga. Side note; MIA labels are the bane of my existence…. Oh well, c’est la vie.


L~Celine 1970’s chocolate wool skirt, size 8. Chanel tweed jacket, size 0-4. Hermes silk scarf.

C~1960’s taupe and grey wool coat with fox trim. General size S-M.

R~Fantastic mushroom wool coat, one size fits most.

On display

November 4th, 2016

This green and black label-licious window is jam packed with the designers you know and love! Please see below for details.  We’d like to take a moment now and give a shout out to our consignors. If it wasn’t for your consignment of beautiful clothing and accessories, this display would have never come to life. Thank-you for your excellent taste and entrusting us with your items, you rock:)


L~Prada silk jaguar print dress with resin chain trim, size 8 sold.

C~ Burberry silk taffeta strapless dress, size 4-6. Victorian lariat/belt sold.

R~Hermès silk and cashmere ‘Brides de Gala’ shirt, size S. Celine 1970’s wool skirt, size 6-8.

On display

October 28th, 2016

Veering away from our usual frock filled windows, we are focusing this week on outerwear instead. In particular; the Burberry trench.  Ever wonder why they are called ‘trench’ coats? Well, it’s because Burberry (or Aquascutum-the jury is still out on this) developed the coat for use by the British and French soldiers fighting in the trenches during WWI. Now you know! Get ready to fight the elements this fall and dodge those drops in a classic piece that is tried and true.


L~1970’s Burberry trench, size M. Dior 1970’s silk scarf.

C~ Contemporary Burberry London quilted trench, size M Sold. 1970’s Pucci silk scarf.

R-Contemporary Burberry London trench with removable wool lining, size M. Hermes silk scarf.

On display

October 20th, 2016

Welcome to our pumpkin patch! Many new size 8 designer dresses in this week. Some great day & evening frocks from Fendi, Chanel, Posen, Vuitton, and Valentino (on the left). Show your support and save a pumpkin from a horrible stabbing this Halloween by wearing orange.


L~Valentino wool and silk blend tie neck dress, size 8 Sold. Deco long brass chain necklace.

C~Chanel silk chiffon logo dress, size 4.

R~ Scaasi 1960’s sequin dress, size 0-2.

On display

October 13th, 2016

Label lovers behold; your dream display has arrived! If your weakness is Chanel and/or Alaïa then you may be frothing at the mouth a little right now due to an overdose. It’s coming at you strong this week, very à la circa 1990’s styles. We’ve got what your fall wardrobe has been craving; classic staples that will carry you from day to night.


L~Chanel knit dress with back button vent, size 36. Chanel 1980’s loop necklace.

C~Alaïa knit dress with fluted hem, size L. 1980’s Chanel logo belt and starburst necklace.

R~Alaïa knit dress with scalloped hem, size 38. Chanel 1980’s CC necklace and leather woven chain & coin belt.

On display

October 6th, 2016

We’ve been waiting a couple of weeks to do this window for you all. The reason being is that we didn’t have a 3rd item in the right blue to make it work until that Marilyn dress on the right came in. And then, voilà- display complete. Hope you like it as much as we do!


L~1960’s wool knit hand beaded dress. Size 8-10.

C~ 1970’s wool maxi skirt with panther appliqué, size 2-4. Leger top, XS. Deco belt worn as a necklace.

R~1970’s disco pleated dress, size 8.