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On display

October 30th, 2015

First off, we want to wish all you chic cats a Happy Halloween! This is our fav holiday of the year mainly because it’s all about fun, creative costuming and no family drama. Also, landing on a  Saturday this year there’s even more time and reason to cut loose and delve into your character of choice. So have a blast kittens!

Checking into the window this week, you may be asking yourself;  ’Why are there two dresses of the same material? Are they vintage? What’s going on there?’ To which we answer; ‘just because’, ‘yes’ and ‘it happens’. Although rare, sometimes we do get two identical/very similar dresses in at once. This can happen when the original owner get so geeked out over a print, fabric or look that they buy multiples for future wear. Or, as in this case, the universe just sends them our way individually. Who knows other than coincidences can and do happen. And to boot, they are by two different designers. We wonder who copied who, or did they just happen to buy the same fabric from the same mill around the same time? Were words exchanged? Oh only if these dresses could speak…

Right and left are both from the early 1970′s. The cocktail length is a size 6 and the gown more of a size 8. Centre multi colour beaded chocolate 1960′s mini is a general size small.

On display

October 22nd, 2015

We are back in black today kittens! And we are feeling a little edgy this week too, hence the leather jacket on the left. It’s by Burberry and is a size 4-6 (sold). We have balanced it out with a super soft, feminine,  3 tiered silk chiffon skirt in a size 4 Sold. In store, that centre gown has been creating a buzz with our clients. They are swooning over this 1940′s Italian couture taffeta and tulle wonder (in a size 6)sold. She has been accessorized with a 1950′s Cappola e Toppo crystal necklace. Crossing over to the right, we have a 1950′s crossover bust dress in a size 2 (sold). A Sherman jet wreath brooch has been added, adorning the strap.

Chanel Harvest

October 16th, 2015

Some people like to spend their time harvesting fruits and vegetables. For some others it’s human organs. To each their own really.We prefer harvesting Chanel, for you. Here’s our current selection available now;

Chanel silver mesh 2 tiered skirt from 1999. Size 6-8 Sold

Chanel plum tweed skirt with copper buttons from 1998. Size 0

Chanel grey crochet twin set from 2001. Size 2-4

Chanel black wool knit twin set, size 6-8.

Chanel black linen suit, size 0-2.

Chanel camellia ring from 2003. Approx. ring size 6. Sold

Chanel splat clip on earrings. Measure 1 1/8″.

Chanel 1970′s long coin necklace. Measures 70″ total length. Sold

Chanel massive 1990 runway cuff. Measures 2¼” wide.

As always, please contact us for more details.

On display

October 15th, 2015

We are continuing our love affair with fall this week by showcasing more rich tones and textures for your consideration. Loads of luxury labels abound in this installation and there’s more to come. We will be posting more Chanel and other goodies this week so stay posted. Or better yet, why don’t you subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of the hot ‘n’ fresh arrivals? Just enter your email over in the right hand column.

On the left we have a bead, leather and metal encrusted brocade Oscar jacket. This is truly a piece worth dying for! From 2008, in a size 6-8. Centre feature is a 1970′s silk jersey Donald Brooks gown (size 2) with a 1981 Chanel chicklet sautoir. On the right we have a 1950′s silk twill autumn rose print dress (size 6) paired with a 1970′s Celine crocodile belt. Snappy!

On display

October 9th, 2015

We are absolutely smitten with fall! Every year it seems to woo us more and more. The crisp weather means layers, jackets, boots and our fav; accessories. This window is just a teaser for what’s in store. You can find woolen day dresses, cropped fur jackets, cashmere cardigans, cross body purses and tweed coats all to swaddle yourself in.

This week our lefty lady is sporting a contemporary Mugler wool mini skirt (size 4) with a 1970′s YSL plaid silk blouse (size S). The ensemble is topped with a 1950′s black cashmere & tan mink cardigan (size M). Front and centre ‘Suzy’ has on a 1960′s eyelash wool dress (size 6) paired with a 1950′s cropped embellished wool cardigan Sold(Size S-M). Righty ‘Ruthy’ has on a very chic early 1970′s black wool skirt suit with brown beaver fur trim Sold. The skirt is a size 0 while the jacket is more of a 2-4, paired with an Hermes scarf.

On display

October 2nd, 2015

You may have noticed that we took a little break from posting.  This was because we were away in Europe seeing the sights of Paris and Italy. But now we are back, fully recharged and ready to dazzle you with this vermilion hued display. The “piece de resistance” on the left is by none other than the late, great, Arnold Scaasi. This size 0-2 sequin covered 1960′s frock is truly a one-of-a-kind. The original owner was a close friend of Scaasi’s and many of her dresses were custom made for her by the designer himself. Truly a traffic stopper! The centre mannequin features a Chinese Deco, hand embroidered, silk jacket with frog closures. On the right we have a sporty 1960′s wool knit day dress, great for the office in a size 6.

On display

September 10th, 2015

As the red carpets unfurl for the kickoff to TIFF today, we are celebrating with a glamourous new ‘dow. Our centre 1960′s hand sequined gown is a size 8-12 (has some give). She is flanked by not 1, but 2 Herve Leger bandage dresses. The golden one on the right is marked a large and the silver one is a XS Sold.

On display

September 3rd, 2015

Here’s a frosty treat to cool down this hot week we’ve been having.

We’re including a back shot of this week’s display, because the walk away factor IS important. Left hand beaded gown is a size 2-6, the knit gives it room and is comfortable to wear. The centre brocade jacket with mother of pearl buttons is also from the 1960′s and is really a one size fits all. The right 1990′s beaded asymmetrical fluter dress is a size 6-8.

Out and About

September 3rd, 2015

It’s been way too long since we’ve done an ‘out and about’ post. So here goes!

We received a short and sweet email from Shannon Von Palleske, it reads;

“Thank you for helping me choose the perfect dress for my 10 year vow renewal in Heidelberg Germany”

Shannon chose a 1960′s green empire waist ribbon lace dress from The Cat’s Meow for her special day.

Chanel by Lesage

September 2nd, 2015

Maison Lesage has been creating dream inducing embroideries, tweeds and beadwork since the 1920′s. Worth, Paquin, Vionnet, Schiaparelli, Chanel, LaCroix, Dior, Valentino and YSL are just a few of the many designers who have gone to Lesage for their magical touch. In 2002 Chanel bought Lesage but supposedly it remains an independent atelier and still produces for other fashion houses (conflict of interest much?). They employ about 100 workers, or ‘petite main’ as they call them, who work arduously to accommodate to the hectic fashion season schedules.  Each couture piece can take a petite main up to 100 hours to complete. If you have ever attempted beading or any hand stitch work you can appreciate how much patience and passion these workers have. Not to mention the inevitable back pain, all for the sake of beauty!

(If you can’t see the above video↑, please check it out here)

We were tickled pink when we received in this confection of a Chanel tweed suit by said Lesage. It’s marked a size 42 and is 10 years old (05P), but looks as new as the day she came off the loom. Please contact us for more details. Sold

Need to complete the look? We also have this ssssstunning Dior python clutch with optional chain ssssstrap ↓

Measures 10½” x 2″ x 5″. Sold