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On display

June 24th, 2016

Allergy and wedding sneazon (typo, it’s staying) is upon us. If you suffer from allergies like moi then you’ll be wanting to scratch out your own eyes, plug your nose with anything in reach and praying that another hive doesn’t pop up.

Ailments aside, we hope you’re not suffering through dress shopping.  We’ve heard how hard the struggle is out there and we have your remedy. Unplug yourself from the fashion mediocrity by checking out our options below⇓  New items arriving in weekly. Why don’t you stock us physically,  or on Instagram for the freshest selection?


L~ Prada silk peplum dress, size 6. Worn with a 1970’s silver belt.

C~ 1950’s couture silk print dress, size 4.

R~Hervé Leger bandage dress with side slit zippers, size XS. Worn with a 1960’s 5 strand necklace.


On display

June 17th, 2016

I realize that this window is a bit of a stretch in the colour compatibility department. I guess I’m just feeling wild and risky this week! Or, it’s that I just had to showcase these beauties before they find new homes and leave us behind. I’m totally head over heels in love with the Oscar on the right! The feather and tulle hem is so feminine and it reminds me of  that robin egg blue Chanel confection that we had back in 2014. The Prada in the centre isn’t too bad either…

L~1950’s butterfly print cotton skirt, size 4-6 Sold. Worn with a tank and a Victorian jet bead lariat/belt.

C~Prada dusty rose/mocha silk taffeta dress, size 2-4. Worn with a 1960’s crystal and pearl necklace.

R~Oscar de la Renta silk chiffon pleated dress with tulle and feather hem. Size 2-4.

On display

June 10th, 2016

We didn’t quite know what to call this colour…… Ice blue, steel blue, slate blue or periwinkle blue? We decided to settle on powder blue, as it’s soft with a hint of grey. The Prada dress on the left is one of ten incredibly beautiful dresses that we received in this week. We hope to feature them all for you  in the window before they sell. There are some really exquisite pieces from houses like Chanel, Oscar and Valli just to name a few. Pop in soon for a peek!

L~ Prada appliqué on organza dress, size 4-6. Sold

C~ Ceil Chapman (Marilyn M’s fav)1950’s  silk chiffon gown, size 6.

R~ 1960’s hand crochet raffia dress, size 4-6. Worn with a 1970’s crystal necklace.



On display

June 3rd, 2016

We have always had a soft spot for Mosch¡no! When it comes through the door here we are instantly thrilled to the gills to see and try it on. Whether it’s a contemporary piece by Jeremy Scott or a vintage number from the past, we just adore the tongue in cheek  humour that the brand evokes. Our current display features two items from the witty fashion house. Can you tell which one is contemporary and which is from the 1980’s? Take a peek below for the answer.

Now that we’ve blown our beak off about one of our favs, let’s get back to discussing the rest of our white window. There is nothing more crisp and clean looking than an ensemble of white. Wearing white is suitable for the following occasions; getting married, going to a white party, getting off of a charge in court (tried and proven x 2), meeting the future in-laws and ascension to heaven. Let us help you be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

L~D&G cotton corset dress, size 2-6. Worn with a 1980’s Moschino reflective belt.

C~ Contemporary Moschino sequin T-shirt dress, general size S.

R~ Herve Leger bandage dress, size XS Sold. Worn with a 1970’s black crystal necklace.


On display

May 27th, 2016

We think our new champagne window is just as effervescent  and sweet as the French beverage. We’ve come upon this conclusion after studying the reactions of passersby on the sidewalk. It’s all math really…. Pedestrian speed x fashion stimuli / dopamine increase = goodness.

L~ Contemporary hand sequined dress, size 2-4. Sold

C~ 1960’s 2pc silk dress and jacket. Size 10.

R~Prabal Gurung cream silk blouse with ribbons and mink pom pom detail, size 10. Worn with an Oscar de la Renta skirt, size 10.

On display

May 20th, 2016

So everyone went gaga last week over our instagram pic of the tangerine window! We figured we would stick with the fruity juice theme since that’s what everyone seems to be thirsty for. Feel like a twist of lime this time?  Don’t worry this citrus won’t make you pucker, we promise 😉

L~1960’s cotton dress with hand beaded milk glass trim, size 0-2.

C~ 1970’s chiffon gown with ornate pearl waistband, size 6-8. Sold

R~1960’s cotton jacket with hand beaded milk glass trim. Size XS-S.

On display

May 13th, 2016

Fresh squeezed tangerines are now juicing it up in our window. (And by juicing I don’t mean the steroid crazy/scary muscle kind, that would be weirder than GMOs….) Warm weather time is now here and that means THOSE events are soon approaching. What will you be wearing?  C’mon in for a visit and let us show you something sweet from our collection. Lots of new party and day dresses added weekly.

L~ 1960’s chiffon dress, size 4. (Crinoline sold separately.) Worn with a Deco brass and Czech glass belt.

C~ Roberto Cavalli sik floral print bias-cut dress, size S. Worn with a 1960’s clear crystal expandable choker. Sold

R~ 1960’s satin rosebud dress, size 4-6. On sale!

On display

May 6th, 2016

When black’s not right, why not navy? The non-neutral but yet neutral shade… Check out the crazy Walk Away Factor™ on that dress to the right. Its button up racerback is stunningly chic, especially forward for it’s time considering that it’s from the 1970’s. Perfectly flirty and guaranteed to drop jaws!

L~Contemporary french silk dress with hand beading, size 10-12.

C~Prada cotton print dress, size 4-6. Sold

R~Rodrigues 1970’s silk chiffon dress with fab back, size 2. Worn with a 1960’s crystal and poured glass necklace.

Chanel deluge!

April 29th, 2016

Ok ladies, take a deep breath and buckle your seat belts as we are about to show you our largest posting yet of Chanel treats! We have 21 items to woo you with, so get your screen shooting fingers ready because mother’s day is just around the corner.

Chanel blue Gripoix glass bubble clip ons. Measuring 7/8″.

Chanel dangle drop ball clip on earrings. Measuring 1¼” x ¼”.

Chanel gold clamper bangle. Measures 6″ in circumference x ½”. Buckle is 2½.

Chanel bangle with cube charms. Measures 8¼” circumference. Each cube is ¼”²

Chanel gold double chain necklace with fobs. Measures 39″ total length. Sold

Chanel gold swag chain belt. Measures 36″ x ¾”.

Chanel 1980’s red lambskin leather quilted clutch. Measures 11″ x 2¼” x 7¼”. Sold

Chanel 1980’s rust suede quilted purse with gold hardware. Measures 9¼” x 2″ x 6″. Sold

Chanel medium double flap 2.55 in camel caviar leather with gold hardware. Measures 10″ x 2½” x 6″. Has some minor issues, but who doesn’t? Sold

Chanel cream silk blouse with navy scalloped trim. Size 6-8.

Chanel cream silk blouse with black cuffs and logo pockets. Size 4-6. Sold

Chanel 2007 gray cashmere hoodie. Size 0-6. Sold

Chanel 1995 purple, black and fuchsia wool boucle skirt suit. Size 4-6. Sold

Chanel 1999 dusty rose boiled wool jacket. Size 4-6.

Chanel 2000 light lemon wool fitted and cropped jacket. Size 2-4.

Chanel 2000 light lemon jacket. Size 8.

Chanel 1999 mushroom and gold tweed jacket with toggles. Size 2-4.

Chanel 2008 black wool boucle jacket with braid trim. Size 0-2 Sold

Chanel 1998 chocolate cashmere jacket. Size 10

Chanel deep navy jacket. General size small.

Chanel 1980’s multicoloured wool boucle jacket. Size 8.

As always, please contact us for more details.

On display

April 29th, 2016

Dove grays and cutaways occupy the centre stage this week in our window. When creme or white isn’t right, why not opt for this subtle neutral alternative?

L~ 1960’s crochet cutaway midriff dress, size 4-6. Sold

C~1970’s hand beaded jersey gown, size 2-4. Sold

R~1960’s cutaway brocade cocktail dress, size 6.