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On display

September 16th, 2016

Our new colour blocked window has day, evening and everything in between. So much new fall stock flowed in this week that our heads are spinning! Burberry trenches, 60’s knit day dresses, 70’s sparkle clingy knit evening gowns, the Elie Saab below and so much more!


L~1980’s black silk satin ball skirt, size 4-6. Chanel black bow belt, size 8-10. 1960’s sequin knit tank, size S-M.

C~ Elie Saab knit dress with 3/4 length sleeves, size 8-10.

R~ Escada Sport houndstooth dress with belt, size 2-4. 1940’s studded bakelite brooch.

Nine nifty new Chanels

September 14th, 2016

For all of you lovelies out there who covet Chanel long necklaces, today is your day! We have received in 5 heavy duty Chanel chains all circa the 1980’s. We’ve thrown in a sprinkling of earrings and a belt just so your meal is complete. Bon appetite!


Chanel early 1980’s CC earrings, measuring 1″.


“Chanel 1990″ star shield earrings, measuring 1¼”.


Chanel 1984 domed hand hammered earrings, measuring 1¼”.


Chanel 1982 gold chain belt with black leather insert, measures 37″. Sold


Chanel 1980’s gold chain necklace, measures 34″. Sold


Chanel early 1980’s coin necklace, measures 34″. Sold


Chanel 1980’s chain necklace with medallion pendant, measures 28″.


Chanel 1980’s chain necklace with CC pendant, measures 34″.


Chanel 1980’s double chain necklace with loop/magnifying pendant, measures 36″.

On display

September 9th, 2016

This week’s display is filled with busy greys, and we don’t mean of the hard working extraterrestrial kind….. Although we are one to enjoy a good conspiracy theory here and there, things have us too busy lately to be indulging ourselves. This little festival called TIFF has hit our city and the Meow Meow is abuzz. Have a fun weekend!


L~ 1960’s printed faux fur coat with leather trim, size S. Sold

C~ 1960’s silk chiffon dress size 2-4 worn with a 1970’s Miss Dior logo belt.

R~Louis Vuitton wool sparkle knit dress, size M.

On display

September 3rd, 2016

All shades of plum abound in our new window to celebrate this transitional time of year.  Match mother nature in one of these sweet looks for the fall. From warm days to crisply cool evenings, we have many new arrivals to keep you comfortable and chic. We will be closed this coming Monday for Labour day, so c’mon by this weekends to see what’s new. Today 10-5 and tomorrow 12-5.


L~ Black wool Mugler mini, size S. Gucci 1970’s logo jacquard silk blouse, size S.

C~Anne Klein 1970’s batik cotton gown, size 0. Black crystal necklace.

R~ Jean Paul Gaultier wool knit day dress, size 8-10. Chanel chain necklace.

On display

August 26th, 2016

We’re back in the black with some heavy hitters this week. We love pairing vintage accessories with contemporary designer clothes! It really changes up the look while giving it a personalized twist that’s unique. Fall is soon approaching, like it or not… So when you’re switching over to your warmer wardrobe why not see if you can jazz it up with some vintage baubles? We have many fun pieces dating all the way back to Victorian times (our current fav era!!). You may just find a treasure that puts some pep in your step.


L~McQueen cotton twill halter dress, size 6. Worn with a 1960’s brass snake chain belt.

C~Alaïa knit drop waist dress, size S.

R~ Dolce & Gabbana stretch dress, size 0-2 Sold. Worn with a 1960’s wind-up watch necklace.

On display

August 19th, 2016

You don’t need to wake up or pinch yourself because this turquoise dream is real!  All 3 dresses have dreamy labels too; Versace, Chanel and Leger. We are getting feedback lately that many of you are finding out about the Meow through this blog. Are you a follower that has yet to pop in and say hi? If so, what are you waiting for? We have many fab items that don’t even get a chance to be showcased online because they get snapped up by one of our regulars! Fresh picks arrive almost daily kittens. So don’t deny yourself, it’s not good for your health.


L~ Gianni Versace Versus 1990’s stretch dress with mother of pearl buttons. Size 6.

C~ Chanel silk print dress circa 2000. Size 12. Sold

R ~ Hervé Leger bandage dress with back zip. Size S. Worn with a 1960’s crystal & glass necklace.

On display

August 12th, 2016

For those of you who have been following the blog for awhile now you are probably aware that you can click on any of the images to get a close up. Well since it’s so damn hot out this week, I’ve decided to save you and your fingers from the strain of clicking by providing you with a close-up pic. How epic is the hand applied beadwork on that set from the 1960’s? We totally swooned & salivated when it came in! Eat your Wheaties though as this is not for the weak!  Each piece is quite heavy with all those crystals, glass beads and pearls that adorn them. Fashion over function though, right kittens?


L~1960’s hand beaded brocade swing jacket. One size fits most.

C~Akris contemporary silk dress (with pockets!!) Size 10. Worn with a Deco sterling & sea foam crystal necklace and a 1960’s clear crystal belt.

R~1960’s hand beaded brocade gown, size 8-10. Worn with a 1930’s mother of pearl choker.

On display

August 6th, 2016

Burst onto the scene in a riot of colour & print! We have some dramatic long skirts and gowns that have recently hit the floor. Lots in in various sizes, eras & designers. So grab your friends, moms, aunts, cousins, grannies & sisters for a day of multi-generational fashion fun at TCM.


L~Erdem silk print max skirt, size 8. Herve Leger top, size XXS. Louis Rousselet 1950’s choker.

C~Erdem silk print gown, size 8. 1960’s Grosse 10 strand necklace.

R~1970’s cotton stripe maxi skirt, size 2-4 Sold. Prada grosgrain top, size 4-6. Victorian brass locket necklace.

On display

July 29th, 2016

Periwinkle prevails within this week’s current installation. We know how much you all love full skirts so we are pulling double duty to attain your undivided attention. Programing note; we WILL be open this Monday from 10-6. So, if you have the day off and want to see what’s new & shakin’ at the Meow Meow, then c’mon by and say “hi”.


L~1950’s chiffon over blue floral print dress, size 4-6. Worn with a crinoline, sold separately.

C~ Contemporary floral printed leather dress, size 2. Worn with a 1950’s Italian art glass necklace.

R~ 1950’s lace & tulle dress, size 6.

Epic Epi Extravaganza

July 22nd, 2016

People who love Louis Vuitton epi leathers, really LOVE epi leathers! If you consider yourself one of the lovers, then this post is definitely for you! We have just received in over a dozen of these luxe LV accessories and they are all listed below. Please contact us for more detail ladies!

LV Alma LV Alma side

LV black epi Alma purse. Measures 12″ x 6½” x 9½”. Sold

LV Demi Lune LV Demi Lune side

LV black epi Demi Lune purse. Measures 10″ x 2″ x 6½”.


LV black epi Demi Lune coin purse. Measures 4½” x 1½” x 3¼”. Sold

LV epi pochette

LV black epi pochette. Measures 8½” x 1″ x 4½”.

LV MAabillon LV Mabillon side

LV black epi Mabillon backpack. Measures 7″ x 3½” x 11″. Sold

LV Monceau 2 LV Monceau

LV black epi Monceau purse with shoulder strap. No key. Measures 11″ x 2½” x 8½”. Sold

LV Ombre LV Ombre side

LV black epi Ombre. Measures 11″ x 2¾” x 10¾”.

LV RivieraLV Riviera side

LV black epi Riviera. Measures 14″ x 6¾” x 9″. Sold

LV Sac Seau 2 LV Sac Seau 3 LV Sac Seau

LV black epi Sac Seau with strap insert. Measures 7½” x 4¼” x 9½”. Sold

LV Soufflot LV Soufflot side

LV black epi Soufflot with baby. Momma measures 12″ x 5½” x 6′. Baby measures 6″ x 2¼” x 2¼”.

LV VerseauLV Verseau side LV Verseau resin

LV black epi Verseau. Measures 10″ x 3½” x 13½”. Sold

LV Petit BucketLV Petit bucket 2

LV black epi Petit Bucket with pouch. Bucket measures 8″ x 5½” x 10″. Pouch measures 6¾” x 1¼” x 4″.

LV Noe 2LV Noe

LV black epi Noe. Measures 10″ x 7¼” x 11″.

LV St JacquesLV St Jacques side

LV rust epi St Jacques GM. Measures 17¼” x 5½” x 11½”. Sold