On display

 Birds of a feather, have flocked together in our window!  Come in and peck one out before they fly away!

Concealed Weapon

   Dated from the Autumn of 1996, this Chanel chain belt is worth it’s weight in glamour. Show off your sashay with the CC coin a swaying. And, should you find yourself in a sticky situation, Coco’s got your back!  Mint condition. Chain measures 41″ long and is 3/4″ wide. Call for details. Sold

Quilted Denim Dreams

 Why not run to the corner store and grab yourself a treat? Or, why not go to the flower shop for some beautiful camellia flowers? Don’t forget to grab your cute new Chanel denim tote! It’s perfect for your purchases, measuring 13″X11.5″ Please call for details. Sold

On Display

  This weeks theme is Nautical Navy. With the down-pourings of rain we’ve been having as of late, we all should be singing ‘Anchors Away’, and looking fab while doing so!

Paco Rabanne

Wowzers! This signature Paco Rabanne purse/belt combo comes straight out of the late 60’s! Never used!! Purchased and prized so much that they were tucked away safely, for over 40 years, waiting for you to get a piece of paillette action! Call for details. (sold separately) Purse sold.

On display

  All the forthysia bushes are in full bloom and fully inspiring our current window!  These dresses are of whimsy and marvel….