On display

     The Autumn harvest is quickly approaching and we have the ‘cream of the crop’ ready for you to pick and choose from!

On display

  We awoke early the other morning to rather brisk weather! We were saddened by the fact that autumn is slowly creeping in.  But we took it as an opportunity to showcase this change, in our windows.

On display

      Café olé! We love our coffee in the morning, at least 2 cups a day. It awakens and is so smooth and creamy, mmm!  This window is inspired by our favourite morning beverage. How do you take yours? 





Leger's pebbles

When you think of Herve Leger, you think of sexy bandage dresses.  This black supple lambskin purse is just as hot, and one size fit all! It features a chrome link and pebble strap that folds away into the purse, thus transforming it into a clutch. Measures 14″ by 5″. Please contact us for details. Sold

A Chanel manacle

       This contemporary camel coloured lambskin Chanel wristlet is restraining, and we’ve never felt more obliged!  With gold hardware and contrasting black gussets, it gives a new meaning to the term ‘fashion slave’. Measures 7″ by 5″. Please contact us for details. Sold

Lucky binoculars!

When this first swung into the shop, we thought this Chanel shoulder purse was a binocular bag…. Structured black quilted lambskin with a pop top for easy safari action?  How purrfect for the concrete jungles of urban Toronto, or any other metropolis for that matter.  Measures 10″ by 9″. Please contact us for details. Sold

Merci buckets

    Do you seek quiet luxury? Why not sling this over your shoulder? From 1984, for your consideration, a chocolate brown Clemence leather Hermes bucket bag that is unobtrusive. Supple and casually elegant. Measures 10″ by 9″. Hermes stamp on bottom of bag. Please contact us for details. Sold

Hyperventilating over Hermes!

Ok ladies, are you ready?  In through the nostrils, out through the mouth. We present to you, wait for it…..wait for it….. wait…..Late 1950’s Hermes black crocodile Kelly bag with gold hardware. Measures 33cm. We all agree that this purse was probably never used, over 50 yrs and as fresh as the day she was born.  Please contact us for details.Sold



On display

    Crisp, clean and oh so fresh! Is there a more angelic way to enter a room? We think not. Go flawless, go white! (Lady Lawyers note; be a “shark” in the courtroom with the Mugler power suit…)