Out and about

  We have started getting photos from our happy clients “out and about” wearing items purchased from The Cat’s Meow.  So, we have taken this as an opportunity to showcase them on our blog.  Our first posting, under this title, is from Courtney and Darren’s wedding.  Courtney chose our vintage 1960’s Alice Caviness pearl and crystal earrings, as well as a hand sequined gold capelet. We are honored you chose us to help you accessorize your big day, which looked like absolute perfection! Thank you to
for the great pictures.


On display

  This is our first sultry sapphire window, we have wanted to do one for oh so long. Never can we keep the “gems” in stock long enough to pop them in our window. So go ahead, saturate yourself in sapphire!

Together but separate.

   We’ve all either been in, or have a friend in, a relationship that was clearly not a match.  Sometimes it can take awhile before it’s officially over, and even then, one person may cling on and say something like ‘we’re taking a break’ while the other is already moving forward. This is the case with this Chanel dress suit.  They came into the shop as an item, but after counselling with us, we’ve decided to separate them. The divorce is official. It was really easy, we just priced them individually. They were ‘cut from the same cloth(s)’ , that being black velvet and wool bouclé, but no longer work together. The jacket features gold camellia flower sleeve buttons and the dress has front pockets. Both size 36.


On display

  We’ve been a fan of turquoise since dad rocked the big turquoise man ring, back in the eighties.  It’s a nice bold punch of colour,  and we have paired it with gold for this week’s display.

On display

   When the skies of the economy turn a slate grayish mauve colour, why not invest in gold? It holds it’s value and is on the rise.  They say that there is a silver lining to every cloud, we think it’s actually a white gold lining. So show others that you’re worth your weight in karat!