Chanel bubble quilt accordion flap bag

    This purse has never been toted. It’s ripe, plush and brand spankin’ new! From 2010, the black lambskin has a slight silver sheen to it, complimenting it’s silver hardware.   So supple you’ll want to cat nap with it as your pillow. Measures 12″ x 6″ x 6″. Please contact us for more details. Sold

On dispay


   Our marmalade window is sweet enough for any fashionista.  But if you prefer your toast with honey, then the middle rose dress packs a pollen punch. Set them ‘a buzz’ with your delicious style.



On display

   These three dotty ladies came into the shop and we couldn’t wait to share their sharp wit and whimsical personalities with you.  Just the right amount of charm to welcome spring with. 

On display

    All from the 1960’s, this week’s window is quite graphic.  Not in the naughty sense, but in the visual sense.  Grab one of these dresses and pair it with a pop of colour. You can do this either with a shoe or a clutch and you will be getting called “fresh” all day/evening long.

On display

    We love pastels mixed with grey. The combination makes for a romantic feminine look that is fresh and contemporary. A great way to mimic mother nature’s turn from frosty grey skies to colourful spring.


Half a century and counting.

      A rare and collectible Hermes scarf dating from 1960, arrived this morning. It is entitled “Les Poulains” and was designed by artist Xavier de Poret.  Measures 35″ squared. Please contact us for details.

Check mate!

    In life, one always needs to be ahead of the game. What better way to show that you’re in the lead, then with the checkered flag. Or, maybe instead, a Damier Speedy 25 would be more suitable. Compact and light for zipping around town easily. Measures 10″‘ X 7.5″ X 6″. Please contact us for more details. Sold

Show a toe.

    Another pair of new Louboutin’s just got dropped off.  Classic black platform peep toes, for that in between pump to sandal weather. When your tootsies need a little air, but not enough to get cold feet, these are the heels for you. They come with their duster bag, size 38.5. Please contact us for more details. Sold

On display

   This is a very special month for us. It’s our shop’s fifth anniversary! We are so grateful to our customers for their patronage and allowing us the ability to do what we love. Our celebratory window is a rich turquoise and gold fusion.