On display

    This week’s window is brought to life by waist cinchers. The middle dress has it’s own beautifully beaded belt attached. The other two mannequins are wearing designer belts. The one on the left is a Chanel and the one on the right is by Dior. So go ahead, and get waisted!

Name that Hermes

   Although we have been referred to as a ‘walking fashion encyclopedia’, we bow our head in shame today. Today is the day when we give up our on Hermes purse research, for now…. What we  can tell you, is that this purse was made in the 1960’s. It’s related to it’s siblings from our post entitled ‘HERMES OVERLOAD’. It too was never used, and is in pristine condition. Measures 10.5″ by 7.25″. Please contact us for more details, or if you know it’s birth name.Sold

On display

    The man with the cash, will want a woman who’s worth her weight in gold. So whether you are a gold digger extraordinaire or trying to magpie your man’s eyes away from them gold diggers, do it in one of these showstoppers! 

On display

   This week’s window is full of eye popping, captivating, coral.  When pink is too girly, and red is too  loud, take the middle road to Coral town. Mixed with white, its a the perfect combo for a summer event.


Hermes Overload

  So exciting! We just got in a bevy of vintage Hermes bags! They are all in pristine condition as the original owner bought them for her collection and NEVER used them. They are all circa 1960’s. From beginning to end, they are as follows; the Sac Vasco in black crocodile measures 9.75″ by 7″. The Sac 404 in black box calf measures 11″ by 7.5″ Sold. The Sac Cordeliere in both black crocodile and chocolate (sold) crocodile measures 11″ by 7″.  And finally, the Sac Cordeau in both black lizard and black crocodile measures 9.5″ by 6.5″. Please contact us for more details.


On display

  You’ll be a gem in one of these dresses. How can you go wrong,  in such a classic colour? It’s fresh, lively and great on any skin tone. You can even go four-leaf clover hunting in one! Good luck. Please contact us for more details.