Lots of love left

  We are fortunate that we often get pristine Chanel bags here at The Cat’s Meow. Price depends mainly on condition. So for those of you who are dying for a Chanel bag within a budget, this post is for you. This 1980’s white quilted lambskin shoulder purse has had some good times already, and she shows it a tad. But she’s willing to start over again, with a new lover, could that be you? She measures 8″ x 2″ x 6″.  For $795, she will love you long time!

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  There’s black and white, salt and pepper, Jekyll and Hyde, etc.. But none compare to pink and purple! This union is the ultimate in royal femininity, in our opinion. (Zoom in on the belts on the right and middle dresses, divine.)

Venus' envy

Venus may be floating pretty upon her half shell, but she is in need of some accessorizing.  Entre a Judith Leiber 1972 shell clutch. These pieces are a very hard find as they are extremly fragile. The MET even has some of these clutches on display, like this;


Well here’s your chance to own a museum worthy piece that will escalate you to goddess like status! Our 1972 Judith Leiber torch shell clutch measures approx 4.25″ x 4.25″.  Venus’s shell was never this chic. Please contact us for more details.Sold

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    Inject some shock into your evening, with feminine fuchsia! Save the baby pink for spring, use the heat of fuchsia to warm up your LBD or vise versa. 

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Are you feeling deflated like us? This time of year takes it’s toll, and you really have to fight it!  So start with this;

Now that we have aged ourselves….What are you gonna pump up? Your lips, hair, Reeboks, this, or perhaps a 1950’s  vintage dress?   Our recommendation is one of these full skirted beauties. Crinolines sold separately.

Mora who?

Jean-Baptiste Morabito started his house in 1905,  in Nice, France.  He specialized in making beautiful jewellery and by the 1920’s he became known for hand-made luggage and baggage. Crocodile was his specialty. Aristocracy loved his products and when Ms. Monroe called wanting a vanity case for travelling, he of course obliged her. The Morabito house continues it’s legacy today, giving Hermes a run for their money! So why not pamper yourself, Marilyn style?

From top to bottom our collection of 1960’s croc Morabito’s measure as follows. Navy croc double handle purse 10″ x 3″ x 7.5″. Kelly style black croc purse with red lining, 10″ x 3″ x 7” Sold. The last two bags are the same model, just different sizes. The black croc Sr. measures 12″ x 3.5″ x 7″. And the Jr. black croc is 11″ x 3″ x 6.5“Sold. They are all in pristine condition, never were they used. Please contact us for more details.

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  “Make mine with a twist of lime.”  Lime, lemon or a combination of the two, this citrus zest inspired window is sure the shake up any evening out.

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     In our 5+ years, we’ve come to learn that January is when the brides are out hunting. They often come to us frustrated with what is available at regular bridal stores. So we are dedicating this week’s window to all the future Mrs.’s!  And yes, we have plenty to choose from, in all sizes and lengths.