On display

We cannot stand the marketing that begins in August for back to school sales. It really grinds our gears, and the inner child in us doesn’t want to surrender. In order to relieve these anxious moments, we try to ease ourselves into the inevitability of life. Baby steps…..Here’s our “transition” window pairing summer’s crisp whites and fall’s sweet chocolate browns.

On display

Most families have a golden child, and some people are lucky enough to have a golden goose. But what about a golden dress? Well, we are lucky enough to have one of those, and it’s attainable! Our golden dame is flanked by two white ladies in waiting, waiting to see you soon.

Throw some Chanel shade

Preempt the cost and trouble of a cosmetic surgeon, and look chic at the same time. Chanel shade, brought to you by this large brimmed straw hat and matching CC purse. Hat is a size 57 (cm) and the purse is 8″ x 8″x 8.5″ Sold. They came in together for counselling and may leave separated as they are individually priced. Please contact us for more details.


On display

Things are a tad different this week. We are showcase a dress backwards. Why you ask? Because it’s bustle is no joke! Judy on the left is overjoyed with her frock this week. It dates from the early 1950’s and has the most incredibly cut “fin” derriere. Why don’t you swim on in and check it out?

Objects of beauty

The most stunning evening bags just arrived! They are so gorgeous and there are 3 of them (1 with a handle and 2 clutches). The frames are hand made, etched brass with semi precious stones. Incroyable!  Their provenance is 1940’s French but alas, they have no designer tags. There is an inscription on 2 of them; ‘Au seize’.  We believe they were prototypes and this inscription signifies the length of the brass frames, being 16 cm. The turquoise and gold brocade clutch measures slightly longer at 18 cm Sold. They are all about 14 cm tall and 10 cm wide. Just beautiful! Second clutch sold. Please contact us for more details.

On display

The Cat’s got our tongue today, so we will let this picture speak a thousand words for us.

Rustic safari

Fresh in from the hunt, we have an YSL 1970’s rust coloured cotton and silk blend safari style tunic/mini dress.  Too fab, too iconic, too redic! This collectible piece can be dressed up or down in a million ways. We have paired it with a copper belt (sold separately) to give you one visual option. Tag reads size 34 but we have measurements as well; bust 37″, waist 42″, hips 44″ and the length is 30″. Please contact us for more details.

Out and about

Roseanne just sent us this picture, stating; “Grads of the National Ballet School, all wearing vintage from The Cats Meow!!! Beautiful!!! ” Thanks for choosing us for your special day, ladies!