On display

This week we are mad about plaid. The 1960’s wool centerpiece has great lines to it, why don’t you click the pic and see it close-up for yourself? And while you’re there, why don’t you check out our trio of 1930’s brass necklaces as well?

On display

We’re golden, this week. How rich and lux are these golden brocade honnies? The middle femme is sporting a reversible jacket that has black velvet on the opposite side, piped with black leather. It’s all in the details!

Back to Back Backpacks

Similar to the last post, these 2 Chanel lambskin leather quilted backpacks hail from the early 1990’s. The larger of the two is in chocolate brown. It measures 12″ x 7″ x 11” Sold. The smaller black one measures 8″ x 4″ x 9″ Sold. Please contact us for more details.


Quilted Carrier

How practical is this Chanel early 1990’s black lambskin backpack with gold hardware? It holds all of your precious items that you can’t live without and gives you the freedom of your hands and arms. Liberty has a look, and it is this! Measures 13″ x 5″ x 14″. Please contact us for more details. Sold


On display

This weeks window is really twisted, in a Victorian Gothic lux kinda way. Why get your feathers in a ruffle when you can have silk taffeta ruffles adorning you?

On display

Harvest time is upon us, to be enjoyed with family and friends this Thanksgiving.  This week’s window salutes the season. The 1950’s burlap beauty in the middle gives Marilyn’s version a run for it’s money, we think. What a chic potato sack race that would be!