Candy coated goodness

The Louis Vuitton tree out back was ready to be harvested, so now we have a cornucopia of goodies for you. The Chanel tree is starting to produce, but it’s still in it’s early stages, so only one was ripe for the picking. Let’s start with it, shall we?

1) Chanel cream quilted lambskin shoulder chain purse. Measures; 6.25″x1.5″x 4″.Sold

2) LV pearl vernis Reade PM purse. Measures; 9″x4″x7″ Sold

3) LV silver Miroir Locket bag *limited edition*. Measures; 10.5″x4.5″x11″.

4) LV white multicolore key pouch. Measures 4.5″x.25″x2.5″.

5) LV-Jacobs & Murakami-“Eye Miss You” multicolore *limited edition* handbag. Measures 15″x4″x10″.

6) LV powder blue vernis Reade MM tote. Measures; 10.5″x4″x13″ Sold

7) LV blue vernis Houston tote. Measures; 11.5″x5″x9.5″.Sold

8.) LV rose vernis Houston tote. Measures; 11.5″x5″x9.5″. Sold

9) LV pale pink vernis Mott shoulder purse. Measures; 6.5″x1.75″x7″. Sold

10) LV hot pink vernis Mott shoulder purse. Measures; 6.5″x1.75″x7″ Sold.

11) LV hot pink vernis Reade MM tote. Measures; 10.5″x4″x13″.Sold

12) LV mandarine epi key pouch. Measures; 4.75″x .05″x2.5″.Sold

13) LV bronze vernis canister shoulder purse. Measures; 4.5″x4.5″x5.5″ Sold.

As always, please feel free to contact us for more details. We answer all emails within 24 hours, if not sooner 🙂

On display

We have had quite the busy May here at the Meow Meow. All you gals are getting ready for your events, and choosing us to clothe you. To that we say a big “THANK-YOU”,  we appreciate your patronage! And to all of you ladies who have yet to come in, don’t worry. We have been busy little bees here getting in new stock daily. So go on and get your buzz on with one of these fresh floral frocks.

On display

With Victoria day weekend behind us, the summer has officially kicked off. Whether you an urbanite or  heading to cottage country, what could be better than a traditional nautical navy and white to sail on through the summer days with?

On display

Today is Thursday, so that must mean we have a new window display in for your viewing pleasure.  This week,  we have decided to take all of nature’s spring greens and combine them into a collage of freshness. And now, onto the pic…..


LV for the home

Fresh in and ready to be seen is this LV ladies Pullman from the 1980’s. This piece of luggage is well traveled and has aged like a fine wine. Its honey hued leather is rich and ready to enjoy it’s retirement in your home. How chic would this be displayed in a room and used to store your winter woolens in? It’s a useful, collectible, conversation piece. It measures 23″ x 8″ x 18″. Please contact us for more details.

Sale Time

We are having a sale on our most desirable items; Chanel and Hermes bags!!!! Maybe it’s the pollen in the air that is making us crazy with allergies, but until May 27th all Chanel and Hermes purses will be marked 15% off the ticket price. Want a glimpse into what’s available? Take a scroll ↓. Please contact us for more details.



On display

Nothing is more classic than pairing black with white. As they say, opposites do attract.  Why not have some fun with this duo and kick it up a notch? Throw on a patent pump in a saturated jewel tone, or a bright clutch?  What about a poppy red lip? Injection of colour is always a good thing in our books.


For the past 7 years we have been greeted daily by our blonde wall lady. We never really did have a name for her…. Let’s remember her as Brick Betty. We say remember because today Brick Betty was put to rest and buried (under a coat of paint).  We have been bracing for this day for the past two years. You see we called in the cosmetic department and have been getting the old girl “freshened” when needed. But there’s only so much the pros could do before it got redic. So goodbye Bretty, we will miss you.

And now, onto our blank canvas;

Do you have any suggestions? If so, let us know. We would love to hear your ideas, just click on ‘Contact’.

Out and about

We are delighted to have received an email from our customer Anthea Chan. She purchased a dress from us to attend her boyfriend’s grad formal.  She chose a 1950’s rose print strapless dress to compliment her petite frame. She states; “thanks again for all your help and patience in helping me find the dress and I’m looking forward to coming back soon.”  Thank-you  Anthea.

On display

Those April showers definitely brought us May flowers. Do you like our bouquets? We picked and arranged them just for you. It’s been a long winter, greet spring with a fresh frock from our assortment.