Out and about

We received an email from our customer Lynn about her daughter Sabryna’s prom dress that she purchased from The Cat’s Meow. She states;

“Hi there,
We have been meaning to send these photos over to you since my daughter,
Sabryna’s Prom in May. Great evening, Fabulous dress.  With the exception of
a grosgrain ribbon and crinoline which we needed to buy,  the dress was a
perfect fit, length and everything.
Thank you so much. FYI your staff are terrific.
Lynn Ruggles”

Check out Sabryna beaming below↓

It’s been awhile since we’ve had the opportunity to do an ‘Out and About’ posting, we would love to do more!! Have you worn one of our dresses out and have pics? If so, why not submit them to us so that we may post them? Please send all emails to;  Hope to hear from you all soon!

On display

When times are tough, who do you lean on? One may discover a new friend when life throws them a curve ball. Someone you may have never thought would become so important to you becomes your ‘true blue’ buddy. Interesting fact; ‘True blue’ is supposed to derive from the blue cloth that was made at Coventry, England in the late middle ages. The town’s dyers had a reputation for producing material that didn’t fade with washing, that is, it remained ‘fast’ or ‘true’.  So now you know 🙂


On display

These outfits are as busy as the bees this time of year. Whether or not you’re one for wearing patterns, you have to appreciate a great print when you see one. How tongue-in-cheek is that centre Moschino blazer? It would be a fabulous statement if one were to wear it into a courtroom as if to say ‘c’mon, hit me with your best shot’! Whatever you do, do not wear it while strolling by an archery, dart board, or firing range…

On display

As the temperatures rise in this city, how-oh-how is a chic one to maintain her fresh look? Keep it light and cool in a crisp cotton dress from us. We hand launder all of our cottons, and then iron them to perfection for you. Come in and try one on for a spin and twirl. Already have your full skirted summer frock? We also sell crinolines to pump up the volume for that party perfect look. Crinis are available in black, beige and white.

On display

What do you get when you mix gold with silver? A precious sandwich? Healthy stock ownership? We think it’s more of a ultra lux look.  You really can’t go wrong if you throw on all of your metal with one of these dresses. It’s fool proof.  Centre and righty are both Oscar. Click to zoom in on the french deco sterling snakes, but not too close-they are fierce!