On display

We are back to our ‘old’ selves this week, with a full vintage window for your peepers to peep at. As you can see, we’ve given up on having a real summer and are fully embracing the fall look now. So stock up on the hot cocoa and get ready to layer ladies. Doing your seasonal closet switch up soon? We are currently accepting in fall/winter items for consignment. Please send pics of your goodies to us at to initiate the process.



On display

So sorry we are tardy with this posting-we were on vacation up north last week… We are now refreshed and ready to give you the full fashion treatment you deserve. The current window features all contemporary designer outfits, a first for us! Today may be the hottest day on record this summer, but here at the Meow Meow-we are fully into fall mode.

On display

We had our new window all ready to go for this week, but it was just too fabulous. As soon as we took the pic, the McQueen on the right got snapped up-literally! Buh bye ↓

So it’s bonus time now at the Meow Meow, and here’s is our fresh (pearl) window.

Recognize that 1960’s hand embellished dress on the left? That probably because you have seen it being modelled by Johanna Soderberg from the band First Aid Kit. They are featured in September’s issue of Fashion magazine, out now.


Licorice Hermes

What’s sweet, comes in red & black, and has all the cats craving? Well get ready to gasp and grasp your pearls ladies, because we have some fab Hermes pieces for you! Start your scrolling finger engines and as always, please contact us for more details.

Hermes 2005 Evelyne PM in Rouge Vif Clemence. Measures 11″ x 3″ x 12″, strap is 36″. Sold

Hermes 2009 black Shadow Collier de Chien belt. Measures 34″ x 2″.

Hermes 2007 JPG Birkin 42cm in Rouge H Togo. Measures 16.5″ x 8″ x 8″. Handle drop is 6.5″. Light use, lock not included.


On display

This post is brought to you from our friend, Mother Earth. “Mother Earth-hosting your existence since the dawn of  humanity.”

Did you know that the process to produce new textiles is toxic to our planet?  Pesticides, petrochemicals, nitrous oxide, caustic soda, sulphuric acid, solvents, dyes and bleach amongst others are used in manufacturing daily.  Aside from being extreme and pulling an Eve by covering yourself with leaves, why not choose vintage? Not only is vintage the original choice for the fashion conscious lady, it is the eco-friendly way. This week’s window installation is sage coloured, as a friendly & subtle reminder for us all to be a little more green.

On display

It’s finally August, and it’s not going to get any hotter than this kittens.  So leave the dark & heavy tones for fall and kick your heels up in a light and frothy hue. Grab one of our hand beaded 1960’s dresses (centre & left) or the contemporary Ferreti on the right for that event. Take the high road in cream and rise to the top.