On display

Well it looks as though King Midas himself has given our display window his magic golden touch.

So with so many black & white tie events coming up this season, what will you be wearing? We’ve had many ladies through lately stating that they already have an outfit as a back up, but yet they’re looking for something else. To which we emphasize; you may have that dress in your closet, but how great will you feel in it? Don’t you want to glow? Let us find the perfect dress for you to wear, don’t let that dress wear you.

On display

This time ’round we are all about being slick and shiny. So break out the hair gloss and patent shoes because you’re set to go with one of these 3 looks.

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On display

You can never go wrong in navy, it’s the next best neutral to black in our opinion. It’s also one of the most difficult colours to find out there in the retail world for some reason.

Colours aside, how to die for is that centre Chanel suit (sold)? Well you’ll be beyond after knowing that it is an original design from Mlle. Coco Chanel herself! That’s right folks, this beauty is a numbered couture peice dating from the 1960’s. The skirt has been altered into a mini (we know-so sacrilege) but it does make it much more contemporary and wearable. Most importantly,  the jacket is 100% original and stunning. It’s been awhile since we’ve had one of Mlle’s originals, but well worth the wait.

Our window also features a runway 1980’s Moschino necklace (sold) paired with a contemporary Louis Vuitton brocade, lace & tulle dress (sold) to the left. The matching LV jacket (sold) has been featured on the right mannequin overtop a silk bubble hem dress with corseted bodice. All clothing items are a size 4.

On display

Back to black and we are super excited about the dress (sold)on the right…. She hails from the early 1960’s and is one of the first creations from the house of MISSONI!!! And, and, and it’s brand new with it’s original tags! (Totally geeked out over this peice when it arrived.) We feel so blessed that the vintage gods have rewarded us with one of their holy angels. We should also note the 1970’s Dior couture velvet jacket  (sold) in the middle- lined in silk and serial numbered.

On display

This is our anarchistic pattern mash-up of a window. Somehow we find fluidity to it- like mixing sweet with salty. Consider it the visual version of a sea salted caramel bon bon. Surprisingly delightful, isn’t it?