On display

This post is definitely garden party approved! Just grab pair of  wedges (to avoid aerating your host’s lawn. Unless it needs it, then go for heels(?)) and you’re off to the races.  Both the left (Sold) and right dresses are from the 1930’s & are cut on the bias.  This gives them some fluidity, so they are both a general size small. Fast forward 80+ years to the centre silk dress, by Dries Van Noten. This contemporary boho frock is a size 6. Deco glass flapper necklace sold separately.

On display

Crisp, clean and pristine~this window goes out to all of you ladies who will be attending a white party in the near future. We have many chic little numbers that will do you right! Left dress is a Gucci (Tom Ford) and is a size 2. Middle mannequin sports a 1960’s Teal Traina frock, size 6. The Valentino on the right is a size 10-12.

On display

We’re going 180° from last week’s look with this fresh, casual/girly display. We got excited putting together these looks for you and people seem to be digging it on the sidewalk and over on our instagram account.  The left is very ‘can’t be late for the safari’, isn’t it? This 1960’s dress is from Holt Renfrew (size 6) and is paired with a vintage swiss watch pendant sold. In the centre we are featuring a hand embroidered silk flower frock that dates from the 1950’s, it’s a size 6-8. On the right we have a contemporary Escada (size 10) paired with a brand new Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily python bag Sold. Are you drooling? Perhaps you should contact us for help?

It's hot out, so why don't you cool off with some LV?

This post goes out to all of you Louis Vuitton fans. You are devoted to your neutral, light and dependable LV purses/accessories and you crave them!  We, being the responsible dealer in authentic goods, strive to deliver & meet your demands. You can always count on us to feed your addiction, so ch-ch-check out our current offerings;

LV Keepall 45, measures 18″ x 8″ x 10″Sold

LV petit bucket purse & pouch, measures 9″ x 6¼” x 10″.Sold

LV Damier Alma PM, measures 12″ x 6½” x 9½”. Sold

LV tan Epi Alma PM, measures 12″ x 6½ x 9½. Sold

LV Emilie wallet with raspberry lining, measures 7½” x 1″ x 3¾”. Sold

LV passport holder, measures 3 7/8″ x 3/8″ x 5½” Sold



On display

♥Welcome to our 500th post!♥

Let’s celebrate with some plaid, shall we? We’ve been waiting patiently to do this window as collecting enough of the tartan print can take awhile in vintage land. We had to cheat a little bit by sneaking in that gingham number but it plays nicely with the others, don’t you think? It is a size 4 Sold. The plaid pouf on the right hails from the 50’s and is a size 0. The centre 1970’s Geoffrey Beene gown totally gives us ‘Windows of Culloden’ vibes with it’s black lace overlay. It also has pockets for posing with, a true size 0.

On display

We’ve had quite the injection of new merchandise over the last week and this display is just a sampling of what’s now in store. How chic is that centre gown? We are absolutely in love with it,  and this may be because it’s a vintage DIOR from the early 1950’s!!!  It’s about a size 2-4 and would be a coveted addition to any collection. The 1960’s ruffled cocktail number to the left is a size 2, as is the dress on the right.