Objects of beauty

The most stunning evening bags just arrived! They are so gorgeous and there are 3 of them (1 with a handle and 2 clutches). The frames are hand made, etched brass with semi precious stones. Incroyable!  Their provenance is 1940’s French but alas, they have no designer tags. There is an inscription on 2 of them; ‘Au seize’.  We believe they were prototypes and this inscription signifies the length of the brass frames, being 16 cm. The turquoise and gold brocade clutch measures slightly longer at 18 cm Sold. They are all about 14 cm tall and 10 cm wide. Just beautiful! Second clutch sold. Please contact us for more details.

Cashmere Candies

     As the weather turns with a kiss of frost, what beckons more than the cozy call of cashmere? As tempting as candy and just as colourful, vintage cashmere is where it’s at!  You see, today’s cashmere just isn’t up to par to these beauties. Back then they used the long fibres from the underside of the Kashmir goat, which resists pilling and is very durable. Cashmere today is shapeless and pills easily (after washing) because all lengths of hair are used. Come in and wrap yourself in comfort and luxury à la 1960’s Jackie Kennedy.

Unknown Greatness

We get so many great pieces in without labels, and rarely do we ever uncover their true past. This was often the case with women who would go overseas to buy the current seasons hottest trends in Paris, and then clip the labels out. They did this to avoid luxury taxes and duties at the border.  From the 1960’s this piece is sans label, but not style! Really a work of art, the design consists of cut paillettes, crystals, beads and metallic threads. Size Small. Sold

Top it off!

A beautiful bevy of 1940’s and 1950’s hats just floated into the shop.  They are some of the most distinctive headpieces that we have seen here. Hand cut feathered flowers, beading, and architecturally layered felts are incorporated into these masterpieces. Even the mad hatter would be jealous! all sold accept 2 tone green one.

New Sale Room

We have just completed renovating our back room and in celebration we have drastically reduced the prices of our sale merchandise.