On display

Don’t believe hogs from the ground to tell you that spring is coming, they have shifty eyes! Instead, you should rely upon these pink swallows to insure you that warmer days are indeed on their way and that you should start planning on what to wear now. May I suggest the following;

L~ Lanvin twist dress, size 6. Deco crystal necklace.

C~Valentino silk cape dress with pink swallow print, size 10.Sold

R~Donna Karan stretch twist dress, size S. Dolce & Gabbana python Sicily bag.

On display

So here it is, the official Holiday Window! Ms. (Bean) Claus decided to show up for our Christmas colour blocked photoshoot. She loves posing and takes direction quite well. So from our families to yours, we wish you nothing but the very best food, laughs and gifts this xmas!

L~Donna Karan gold sequin gown, size 8-10. Worn with a channel set red crystal necklace.

C~1960’s chiffon dress with hand beaded crop top, size 6.

R~Wayne Clark red studded gown, size 8. Worn with a Deco Czech glass and brass filigree necklace.

On display

Well it looks as though King Midas himself has given our display window his magic golden touch.

So with so many black & white tie events coming up this season, what will you be wearing? We’ve had many ladies through lately stating that they already have an outfit as a back up, but yet they’re looking for something else. To which we emphasize; you may have that dress in your closet, but how great will you feel in it? Don’t you want to glow? Let us find the perfect dress for you to wear, don’t let that dress wear you.