Chanel bouclé jackets

Chanel bouclé jackets

We have a varied and vast selection of Chanel jackets for you today, in a range of sizes. We know you’re probably frothing at the mouth wanting to see them and not even reading this… So without further ado;

Canary and egg yolk yellow tweed jacket with sequins. From 1996, marked a size 40

Taupe and rose tweed jacket. From 1996, marked a size 42. Sold

Bronzy shearling coat (comes with matching leather skirt). From 2004, marked a size 44.

Azure blue cotton/wool suit (skirt not shown). From 1995, marked a size 38. Sold

Navy and black tweed jacket. From the 1980’s, marked a size 46. Sold

Black, white & gray wool houndstooth suit (skirt not shown). From the 1980’s, marked a size 42.

Black light wool flared jacket. From 2002, marked a size 44. Sold

As always, please contact us for more details.