Classy class

Classy class

The care free summer days are indeed over and the schools are back in session. A feeling of restored order is in the air.

Now let’s imagine for a moment that the educational system was replaced with simply; fashion. No one would want A’s then, rather they would be striving for all C’s.  C as in Chanel that is!  Fashion>function. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then the bell just rang and class is in↓

Chanel 2000’s diamond shaped pearl clip on earrings, each measures ¾”. Sold

Chanel 1980’s large gold disk logo clip on earrings, each measures 1½” diametre.

Chanel 1990’s structured gold chain link bracelet. Width of chain measures 1″. Diametre is 3″ with a 1¼ opening.

Chanel 1990’s gold chain necklace with crown & logo fob link. 36″ total length.Sold

Chanel 1984 double strand chain and pearl necklace. 37½” total length.

Chanel contemporary two tone cream patent leather camellia pin. Measures 3½” diametre. Sold

Chanel 1980’s iconic logo lens shades in white.

Chanel 1980’s black shades.

Chanel dark brown 1990’s loafers. Size 40.

Chanel 1990’s cube heeled oxfords. Size 40½. Sold

Chanel limited edition 1990’s structured oval box purse in black lambskin. Measures a whopping 12¾ x 5½ x 6″ .

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