Cupid's picks

Cupid's picks

♥So we have a whole lot of love coming to you in this post!♥ It will start off like most adoring relationships, with a kiss!

Prada kissy lips pleated silk skirt. Size 8. Sold

Chanel 1990’s epic shell pink patent purse. Measures 9″(widest) x 3″ x 8¼ (not including handle).Sold

LV shell pink vernis pochette. Measures 8″ x 1½” x 4½”. Sold

LV fuschia vernis pochette. Measures 8″ x 1½” x 4½”.

LaCroix 1980’s clip on heart earrings. Measure 1″ x 1″.

LV red vernis Sutton bag. Measures 15½” x 5½” x 12½”.

LV red vernis weekender tote. Measures 19″ x 7¾” x 13½”. Sold

LV red vernis soft drawstring Morton bag. Measures 14″ x 14″ x 20″.

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