On dispaly

On dispaly

‘Tis the season to put up those holiday lights. After tackling the crowds and long line ups last weekend, I found 76 feet of cute warm white mini lights to decorate our windows with. I figured the battle was half won… How wrong I was! Little did I know that it would take many hours of configuring plugs & clips with enough curse words to make a sailor blush. But alas, it IS complete. So if you have yet to do yours, god speed! I do say though, they make this week’s window look extra glam. Or maybe it’s just the fact that our mannequins are all divas in their chic vintage evening coats. I’ll let you be the judge;



L~ 1950’s sack back satin evening jacket, one size fits most.

C~1960’s brocade coat with fox fur hem  & jewel buttons. Size M-L.

R~Early 1950’s silk taffeta jacket with origami trim. One size fits most. 1960’s jewel belt, adjustable. Deco crystal necklace.