On display

On display

First off, we want to wish all you chic cats a Happy Halloween! This is our fav holiday of the year mainly because it’s all about fun, creative costuming and no family drama. Also, landing on a  Saturday this year there’s even more time and reason to cut loose and delve into your character of choice. So have a blast kittens!

Checking into the window this week, you may be asking yourself;  ‘Why are there two dresses of the same material? Are they vintage? What’s going on there?’ To which we answer; ‘just because’, ‘yes’ and ‘it happens’. Although rare, sometimes we do get two identical/very similar dresses in at once. This can happen when the original owner get so geeked out over a print, fabric or look that they buy multiples for future wear. Or, as in this case, the universe just sends them our way individually. Who knows other than coincidences can and do happen. And to boot, they are by two different designers. We wonder who copied who, or did they just happen to buy the same fabric from the same mill around the same time? Were words exchanged? Oh only if these dresses could speak…

Right and left are both from the early 1970’s. The cocktail length is a size 6 and the gown more of a size 8. Centre multi colour beaded chocolate 1960’s mini is a general size small.