On display

We know how much you ladies like your dresses with full skirts so we’ve decided to give you a double dosage of volume this week. Just to plump you up a little for the holidays. These aren’t your regular LBD’s kittens, click to zoom in on the intricate details of their lace/silk/beadwork. Lefty lacey is by one of Marilyn Monroe’s fav designers; Ceil Chapman. It’s about a size 0 (if that, super tiny) and dates from the 1950’s. Worn with a jet crystal necklace. ┬áThe 1960’s centre hand beaded sheath is about a size 12 and does have sleeves (a recent addition that can be removed easily should you choose). The dazzling 1950’s number on the right is about a size 6 and has been paired with a 60’s multi chain & coin statement necklace.