On display

On display

Now that sweater weather is gone you probably need to up your coat game. Or, if you’re like us, you may have developed somewhat of a coat/jacket habit. We feel we have graduated out of the shoe addiction phase (maybe?) and have moved forward responsibly onto crisp weather attire. Perhaps shoes are the gateway drug of the fashion world and now we’re onto the harder stuff? Who knows, we don’t want to question it! We just want to feel the comfortingly warm effects it has on our bodies and the compliments from passerbys. Need to fuel your wants and/or needs? Please see below↓


L~Prada forest green wool coat is a size 8, with vintage brooch. C~Prada wool & mink dress, size 4. Worn with 2 Art Nouveau brass necklaces. R~Miu Miu wool coat is a size 4-6 and is worn with an Hermes scarf.