On display

This sparkly new year’s window is our fashionable air kiss good buy to 2015. Thank you so very much for letting us dress you this year! We’ve had a blast styling you ladies from head to toe. Arthur and myself are super excited for 2016 as it will be our big 10 year anniversary! We will have a couple of surprises for you all come April (biz’s bday month) so stay tuned. We really hope you had a great 2015 and wish you only the happiest, healthiest & chicest 2016! See you next year kittens~xox :*

L-1970’s plunging silver beaded jersey gown, size 0. Worn with a 1970’s silver crystal necklace.

C-1970’s silver and pearl beaded chiffon dress, size 8.

R-1970’s cream beaded crochet with grey jersey gown, size 2-4.