On display

On display

If you’re a regular follower of our blog then you’ll know that I don’t post too many dresses pre-1950’s.  There are a couple of reasons for this but the main one is wearability. Generally, the older the garment the more fragile it is. When inspecting items I do alot of tugging and listening for snapping fibers. If I feel I could possibly bust through it like the Incredible Hulk while trying it on,  then it’s a ‘no-go’. Now grace your eyeballs with that Deco dress on the right. This beauty passed my test and is very wearable for a lucky bride-to-be. It really has a lot going for it; beaded bodice, drama slit sleeves and an open neckline. There is some spotting on the skirt that our dry-cleaner couldn’t get out but as you can see in the pics it’s not noticeable and she presents beautifully!


L~1970’s daisies and dots gown, size 6.

C~1950’s organza dress, size 0. (1 crinoline attached, other not included.)

R~Deco bias cut wedding gown, size 2-6.