Summer fling

Summer fling

Summer is officially gracing us tomorrow. Are you beach ready? Swimsuit shopping can be scary, but it’s ok~we’ve got accessories to help. Which ever style you go for to enjoy your aquatic activities with, why not consider pairing it with a pareo? Pareos cover you up for your stroll to and from the water and can pull double duty by giving you shade when needed. We also have some scarves to help you throw caution to the wind with. All items in this post date from the mid 1990’s. Please contact us for more details.

Chanel sheer cotton camellia print pareo. As is. Measures 60″ x 40″. Sold

Chanel cotton pareo with airplane print. Measures 60″ x 53″.

Chanel multi coloured, abstract print cotton pareo. Measures 60″ x 40″.Sold

Chanel soft black & white logo print cotton pareo. As is. Measures 52²”. Sold

Chanel pink cotton logo print bandana. Measures 24½” x 19″.

Chanel citrus print, silk organza wrap/scarf. Measures 62″ x 26″. Sold

Chanel blue print, silk gauze wrap/scarf. Measures 61″ x 26″. Sold