The tree can wait, decorate yourself in these Chanel jewels.

We have just received an amazing collection of 1980’s-1993 Chanel jewels and belts. Words cannot describe how excited we are to offer you these collectables, some being uber rare runway pieces. And just in time for the holidays! Warm up your screenshot fingers ladies, because your honey bunny probably needs gift ideas 😉

Chanel 1993 charm necklace. Measures 80″ total length. Sold

Chanel 1990’s large link swag belt with coin fob. Measures 36″ x 1″ links & 4″ drop swag.

Chanel 1990’s medallion belt. Measures 34″x 1¼”. Sold

Chanel 1990’s tri-swag belt with double logo charms. Measures 34″ x 1¼”(charms). 2″ swag drop. Sold

Chanel 1990’s lettering belt. Measures 36″ x 1½”.

Chanel 1986 twist border earrings. Measures 1″.

Chanel 1980’s 31 Rue Cambon earrings. Measures 1 3/8″.

Chanel 1986 medallion earrings. Measures 1½”.

Chanel 1992 crystal earrings. Measures 1¼”.

Chanel 1993 drop hoop earrings. Measures 2″ x 1¼”.

Chanel 1991 multi chain and charm drop earrings. Measures 4½” x 1″.

Chanel 1990’s 31 Rue Cambon 5 charm bracelet. Measures 9¾” x 1¼”. Sold

Chanel 1993 twist logo loop bracelet. Measures 7½” x 1″. Sold

Chanel 1991 massive 6 charm bracelet. Measures 7½” x 2¼”. Each charm is 1½.

Please contact us for more info.