On display

It’s been awhile since we had some polka dots in the window, so here you go. These beauties won’t last for long as everybody loves a spot of fun! So if something intrigues you in the least, just contact us for sizing and any other inquiries. Have a great weekend.



Who's that girl?

Have you ever been driving by our store and noticed the ‘suicidal lady’ up on the roof? This mannequin has been getting more and more attention over the years, especially when her skirt  gets flipped up over her head by a (perverted) breeze. Well, we thought we would dedicate a post to her as she never gets the blog attention her fellow Judies do.  Whether permitting, she is a dutiful dame always wearing a dress that matches our weekly window feature. So next time you go zooming by, why don’t you give the gal a wave before she goes into hybernation this winter?


Brace yourself for some suspense

How exciting, we have some 1990’s Chanel goodies for you all today! A double dosage of CC’s to cure all that ails you. Just apply externally and *poof* you are a whole new stylish being. Please contact us for more details.

Chanel 1990’s taupe and black suspenders.

Chanel 1990’s black lambskin leather quilted corset belt. Missing charm, priced accordingly. Measures 34″ x 4″.Sold

On display

Here’s our newest window display. It’s light, and airy and these dresses are like wearing A/C. That’s right, you will be so chill and cool in a crisp cotton frock from us that people will want to be around you at all times.  Want a raise? Want THAT guy? Want to be friends with the girl who knows everybody? Wear a cotton 1950’s dress from us and you will be in like Flynn!

On display

First off, we want to apologize for being tardy with this post. We went away on vacation and left you all alone, sorries. And yes, we missed the crazy storm. We also missed the injury of one of our beloved Judy’s from the window display!  One of our 100 year old Judy’s collapsed from all the crazy construction that has been shimmying our shop lately and a cast iron leg broke off. We have gurnied  her away to the Fashion Soldier’s Hospital (aka the welder). Fingers crossed she makes it out of the operating room in one peice.  So, in the meantime, a younger Judy is filling her position. She hails from the 1950’s and is wearing our center gown this week.

To honor of all the recent precipitation, here is our aquatic hued window;

How stunning is the Erdem print dress on the right?

On display

Now that the muggy hot days of summer are finally upon us, what are you wearing? Why not be cool and flowy in a crisp cotton frock? And this week, do it right in black and white.

*Centre belt is Chanel* (chick to zoom)