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On display

Friday, February 24th, 2023

Time now for you to have a spot of fun. These polka dot looks are conservative in cut but have an air of whimsy to them. All with great labels attached, especially the skirt suit on the right. It’s Dior from the 1960’s! More details below👇🏻

L~ Fendi black cocktail dress, size 6, $995. Dior 1980’s logo brooch, $395.

C~Bill Blass 1990’s gold dot dress, size 6, $895.

R~Dior 1960’s skirt suit, size 6-8, $1,895.

On display

Friday, February 17th, 2023

Let’s take a moment now and show some love for Prada nylon. Not only is it durable and lightweight, but it’s also sleek and chic. Introduced into the luxe fashion world by Prada, it has become their emblematic fabric. The Re-Nylon version is sustainably produced by using recycled plastics from the ocean. How sexy is that?!? You could double down on your sustainability count by shopping it preloved too. 🙌

L~Prada nylon coat with mink collar, size S. $1,495.

C~Prada nylon babydoll dress, size XS-S. $1,195.

R~Prada Re-Nylon gabardine blouson jacket, XS. $1,395. Prada Signaux printed nylon backpack, $1,295.

On display

Friday, February 10th, 2023

This Valentine’s Day display is filled with labels that you know and love and apparently they’re showing some love back! Maybe they’re into objectophilia (or would that be humanophilia 🤔)? Either way, just know that we don’t judge here at the Meow Meow.

L~Dior cashmere bomber, size S-M, $1,295. Chanel wool knit pants, size 4, $675.

C~Prada lips dress, size 4, $975. Dior j’adior choker, $549.

R~YSL silk hearts print blouse, size S, $695. Dior J’❤ crossbody, $1,595. Celine 1970’s silk skirt with side buttons, size 6, $475.

On display

Friday, February 3rd, 2023

How exquisite is teal mixed with amethyst? These harmonious hues are now featured here with these new arrivals. Please note that both left and right dresses have more length to them. As always, they’re better on a human.

L~Dolce & Gabbana silk tulle gown, size 0-2, $1,495. Givenchy 1980’s logo chain necklace, $495.

C~Gucci 2 pc pleated skirt and blouse set, size 2. $1,395.

R~Escada knit gown, size S, $495. Nina Ricci suede and leather crossbody with tassel, $395.