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Label lovers behold; your dream display has arrived! If your weakness is Chanel and/or Alaïa then you may be frothing at the mouth a little right now due to an overdose. It’s coming at you strong this week, very à la circa 1990’s styles. We’ve got what your fall wardrobe has been craving; classic staples that will carry you from day to night.


L~Chanel knit dress with back button vent, size 36. Chanel 1980’s loop necklace.

C~Alaïa knit dress with fluted hem, size L. 1980’s Chanel logo belt and starburst necklace.

R~Alaïa knit dress with scalloped hem, size 38. Chanel 1980’s CC necklace and leather woven chain & coin belt.

On display

We’re back in the black with some heavy hitters this week. We love pairing vintage accessories with contemporary designer clothes! It really changes up the look while giving it a personalized twist that’s unique. Fall is soon approaching, like it or not… So when you’re switching over to your warmer wardrobe why not see if you can jazz it up with some vintage baubles? We have many fun pieces dating all the way back to Victorian times (our current fav era!!). You may just find a treasure that puts some pep in your step.


L~McQueen cotton twill halter dress, size 6. Worn with a 1960’s brass snake chain belt.

C~Alaïa knit drop waist dress, size S.

R~ Dolce & Gabbana stretch dress, size 0-2 Sold. Worn with a 1960’s wind-up watch necklace.

On display

So it’s official, this is our grand finale Christmas window! Ta-Daaaaa! What do you think? From all us at our shop to you and yours, we truly hope you have a fantastic holiday filled with lots of giggles, love and delicious foods.

On display

So sorry we are tardy with this posting-we were on vacation up north last week… We are now refreshed and ready to give you the full fashion treatment you deserve. The current window features all contemporary designer outfits, a first for us! Today may be the hottest day on record this summer, but here at the Meow Meow-we are fully into fall mode.

On display

We have a more contemporary window for you this week. The recognizable dress on the right is, of course, an Hervé Léger. It’s arch rival on the left, is an Alaïa. The glamazon in the middle, separating these decades old rivals, is a 1950’s hand sequined silver gown.

On display

Click on the pic below and zoom on in, because this week; it’s all about the details. During the 1960s there was a brief resurgence of the flapper girl look. The center Judy is sporting a fine example from this flashback period. The left Judy looks subtle in the front, but don’t be fooled, she has massive “walk away factor”. Her sexy V back is accentuated with covered buttons that trail down the spine. Judy on the right is a more contemporary piece. It’s an Alaia, its brand new and it’s simply divine!

Azzedine Alaia

This Fabulous early 90’s Alaia just wiggled it’s way through our door! One of the sexiest designs we’ve seen. A backless halter with wrap bodice and a seamed rear to send the ‘tongues a waging’ as you strut away! This black knit wool number is tagged as a small, and will fit a modern size 6. Please call for inquiries.