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Navy; the alternative to black as well as soldiers on boats. Casual knit dresses dominate in our window this week. Need something easy & breezy for your upcoming vacay? That centre Chanel would work perfectly belted or unbelted. It just slips over your head, no zips or buttons taking up your precious beach time.


L~1960’s cocktail dress with crochet sleeves, size 4.

C~Chanel knit dress & belt, size M. Deco Egyptian enamel necklace. Both Sold

R~Fendi knit dress and belt, size 8.

On display

Here’s a dollop of winter white and creams to help you look forward to the spring season. Our inner boho chic meter is off the charts with that centre 1960’s tapestry coat! But what really has our crank turning is the Courrèges gown on the right. It’s clean lines are a minimalist’s dream, a sexy minimalist’s dream that is. You see there are side slits on this gown, thus giving your gams some attention. Oh André, you thought of everything!


L~Louis Vuitton cream & white mod dress, size 8. 1960’s lion’s head brooch.

C~Bonwit Teller 1960’s tapestry coat, size S.

R~1970’s Courrèges ‘Couture Future’ cream wool gown, size 8. 1960’s 5 strand chain & crystal necklace.

On display

If you’re a regular follower of our blog then you’ll know that I don’t post too many dresses pre-1950’s.  There are a couple of reasons for this but the main one is wearability. Generally, the older the garment the more fragile it is. When inspecting items I do alot of tugging and listening for snapping fibers. If I feel I could possibly bust through it like the Incredible Hulk while trying it on,  then it’s a ‘no-go’. Now grace your eyeballs with that Deco dress on the right. This beauty passed my test and is very wearable for a lucky bride-to-be. It really has a lot going for it; beaded bodice, drama slit sleeves and an open neckline. There is some spotting on the skirt that our dry-cleaner couldn’t get out but as you can see in the pics it’s not noticeable and she presents beautifully!


L~1970’s daisies and dots gown, size 6.

C~1950’s organza dress, size 0. (1 crinoline attached, other not included.)

R~Deco bias cut wedding gown, size 2-6.

On display

Velvet~ whether you’re a fan of it or not, it’s definitely on trend right now. It is oh-so-soft to the touch and oozes luxury out of it’s fuzzy little pores. And the colour! If you want a saturated tone it doesn’t get much better than velvet. This week we celebrate the royal textile in black. Check out the side train that attaches to the sleeve on the centre Chanel gown. Want to bring the drama? Then this is the gown for you. It has a slit on it’s right side so you can show your gam off whilst strutting. The silk chiffon would look great on the dance floor twirling for all your haters.


L~Giorgio Armani jacket, size 4.

C~1970’s Chanel gown, size 8. 1960’s pearl necklace.

R~Giorgio Armani opera coat, one size will fit most.