On display

Periwinkle and lilac season may be long gone but their floral hues remain in this week’s all vintage display. How EPIC is that centre piano shawl?! It’s massive, so much so that it could be used as a bedspread in an extremely chic room. It has been doubled up for the wrap look to make all you boho babes roar. It dates back to the 1920’s, is all silk and completely hand embroidered. As always, nothing but the best for you kittens!

L~1950’s cotton embroidered dress with crystals, size 4. Italian art glass necklace, 1950’s.

C~Deco silk piano shawl.

R~1960’s rouched cotton dress, button back, size 4. Deco crystal necklace.

On display

Throw caution to the winds of summer in one of these petal pink floral dresses. Do you have a party to attend in cottage country? Consider then “Lily” on the left or “Rose” on the right as they are made of cotton which will keep you looking and feeling as cool as a cucumber. More details below.

L~1950’s floral cotton print dress, size 6 Sold. Crinoline not included. 1960’s hand beaded belt, size S.

C~1970’s chiffon gown, size 6. Deco crystal necklace.

R~1960’s floral cotton print dress, size 4-6.

On display

Cream and black dominate our texture rich window this week. If you have a black tie event coming up then take a gander at that tux style dress on the left. It’s masculine chic magnifique! A pop of colour would be a nice contrasting addition to any of these looks. Perhaps a indigo patent leather pointy pump or simply a punchy red lipstick would do. FYI, we just did a round of markdowns in the back sale room so c’mon by and snag yourself a deal.

L~1960’s tux style chiffon dress with cordé lace collar. Size 6-8 sold

C~1960’s lace dress, size 6. Dior crystal necklace.

R~Chanel crochet dress, size M.

On display

I’m kinda super pumped up to showcase this navy and white window to you for a couple of reasons. But first I should express my diplomatic love for all three of these looks. Like children, they are all special in their own way.  Now that said, we all have our favorites…. Mine just happens to be that 1970’s Roger Freres in the centre. It’s so epically chic! From it’s tank style top to it’s modern polka dot design to the fabric itself. I researched/googled to try and find out what exactly this fabric is called but to no avail. It’s comprised of a overcast stitched piping (?) that is looped and then sewn all together.  If you’re a textile geek like me and have any idea as to what it’s called, please let me know. Just click the pic to zoom on in.

My second fav item in this week’s window is that Lanvin 1970’s lucite necklace on the left. We’ve only had 3 Lanvin modernist pieces through the shop in the past 11 years, so it’s truly a treat. What’s your eye drawn to?

L~ 1950’s flocked floral skirt, size 0. Lanvin 1970’s modernist lucite necklace.

C~Roger Freres 1970’s polka dot dress, size 6.

R~Prada silk, “tennis anyone?” dress, size 6 sold.