Happy New Hermès

Fresh from a collector, we have 9 Hermès silks in for your perusal. They all were never used as the owner felt they are works of art to be coveted. Which begs the question, why pay retail? It’s a win-win for you!

Hermes Duc Carriage Twilly with box. Measures 34″ x 2″.

Hermes blue Medor Bolduc Twilly with box. Measures 34″ x 2″. Sold

Hermes Rencontre Oceane Twilly with box. Measures 34″ x 2″. Sold

Hermes Graff Twilly with box. Measures 34″ x 2″. Sold

Hermes green Medor Bolduc Twilly with box. Measures 34″ x 2″.

Hermes Brides de Gala silk, cotton & cashmere sweater. Size S.

Hermes Rythmes du Monde plissé silk scarf, measures 35″². With box.Sold

Hermes Eperon D’or plissé silk scarf, measures 35″². With box.

Hermes La Musique de Sphères plissé silk scarf, measures 35″². With box. Sold

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On display

This sparkly new year’s window is our fashionable air kiss good buy to 2015. Thank you so very much for letting us dress you this year! We’ve had a blast styling you ladies from head to toe. Arthur and myself are super excited for 2016 as it will be our big 10 year anniversary! We will have a couple of surprises for you all come April (biz’s bday month) so stay tuned. We really hope you had a great 2015 and wish you only the happiest, healthiest & chicest 2016! See you next year kittens~xox :*

L-1970’s plunging silver beaded jersey gown, size 0. Worn with a 1970’s silver crystal necklace.

C-1970’s silver and pearl beaded chiffon dress, size 8.

R-1970’s cream beaded crochet with grey jersey gown, size 2-4.

On display

So here it is, the official Holiday Window! Ms. (Bean) Claus decided to show up for our Christmas colour blocked photoshoot. She loves posing and takes direction quite well. So from our families to yours, we wish you nothing but the very best food, laughs and gifts this xmas!

L~Donna Karan gold sequin gown, size 8-10. Worn with a channel set red crystal necklace.

C~1960’s chiffon dress with hand beaded crop top, size 6.

R~Wayne Clark red studded gown, size 8. Worn with a Deco Czech glass and brass filigree necklace.

An Hermès Christmas

For all of you who have been procrastinating your holiday gift shopping, today~you shall be rewarded! The Hermes gods have blessed us with a better-late-than-never selection of their coveted leather goods. Perhaps your honey needs some inspo?

Hermes 2007 burgundy box calf Kelly wallet with silver hardware. Measures 7¾” x 7/8″ x 4½”.

Hermes 1976 Bearm burgundy wallet with gold hardware. Measures 7″ x ½” x 3½”.

Hermes 2012 burgundy Negonda Garden Party MM with silver hardware & duster. Measures 14½” x 7″ x 10″.

Hermes 1983 Clou de Selle runway black leather belt with gold hardware. 25″ (waist max) x 3″.

Hermes Fourbi purse insert. Measures 10½ x 3″ x 6½”. Sold

Hermes Escale orange canvas beach tote with pouch. Measures 12″ x 6″ x 14½”.

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On display

If you’re a magpie like us, then you’ll be swooning over this week’s encrusted display. Since daylight isn’t really an option this time a year, why not lean on us to help you radiate in something special like one of these hand embellished frocks?

L~1960’s hand sequin knit gown, size 8-12.

C~Halston Heritage hand beaded cape mini dress, size 6.

R-Beaded bias cut chiffon gown, size 4-6.

On display

This post is brought to you by the 1960’s. It was a decade of big cars, smoking while pregnant and one income families. While those times are long gone some great things have survived, like these LBD’s. Forever classic, they truly transcend time. ‘Fashion fades, only style remains the same.’~Coco Chanel.

L~chiffon ruffle hem dress, size 6. Worn with an Oscar de la Renta gold leather belt and a 1950’s crystal choker necklace.

C~ Ribbon lace dress, size 6. Worn with a 1970’s mesh necklace.

R-Ribbon work dress, size 2-4. Worn with a 1930’s brass belt and a 1970’s crystal necklace.

On display

Now that sweater weather is gone you probably need to up your coat game. Or, if you’re like us, you may have developed somewhat of a coat/jacket habit. We feel we have graduated out of the shoe addiction phase (maybe?) and have moved forward responsibly onto crisp weather attire. Perhaps shoes are the gateway drug of the fashion world and now we’re onto the harder stuff? Who knows, we don’t want to question it! We just want to feel the comfortingly warm effects it has on our bodies and the compliments from passerbys. Need to fuel your wants and/or needs? Please see below↓


L~Prada forest green wool coat is a size 8, with vintage brooch. C~Prada wool & mink dress, size 4. Worn with 2 Art Nouveau brass necklaces. R~Miu Miu wool coat is a size 4-6 and is worn with an Hermes scarf.