Hermès + Valentine's=♥

We have some more Hermès Twilly’s and Plissés for you all to fall in love with. We also have some brand new Hermès footwear to put a little spring into your step. A special little thing catch your eye? Just contact us for more info, we ship worldwide.

Hermes scattered letters print Twilly. Measures 34″ x 2″.

Hermes red & black polka dot print Twilly. Measures 34″ x 2″.

Hermes Graff Twilly. Measures 34″ x 2″.

Hermes Rencontre Oceane Twilly. Measures 34″ x 2″. Sold

Hermes Les Folies du Ciel Plissé scarf. Measures 35²” outstretched. Sold

Hermes Fleurs de Lotus Plissé scarf. Measures 35²” outstretched. Sold

Hermes chocolate leather loafers. Size 38½. Sold

Hermes black leather Oran sandals. Size 37. Sold


On display

We are so excited to showcase this current window! Whenever we get in a piece that sends our salivary glands into overdrive we become fixated on; a) how soon can we get it into the window & b) what can we display it with.  This week is no different. The drool worthy, dramatic sequined cape in the centre is none other than HALSTON. It hails from the 70’s and will announce your arrival at any event, guaranteed.

L~1960’s hand beaded dress, size 6.

C~Halston cape, one size fits all.

R~1960’s hand beaded cape, one size fits all. Paired with a wool Mugler skirt, size 2-4.

On display

This robin egg blue hue has us feeling fresh and optimistic! The colour splash of hydration to our eyeballs reminds us that spring is just around the corner. This season tends to usher in all of those events and parties, are you ready? Well, if you’re not, our dresses are here waiting for you to touch them.

*click pic to zoom in:)

L-1960’s mermaid gown with sequin bodice, size 6.

C-1960’s jewel encrusted dress in a size 6-8.

R-1950’s chiffon dress with rhinestone bodice, size 0. On sale! Paired with a 1960’s rhinestone belt.

Hotel bound Hermès

Behold the king of Birkins! It is a MASSIVE 50cm in black Togo leather with silver hardware and was born in 2005. It makes the perfect weekender bag. This size is quite rare and what’s even more special about it is that it bears the “Star Mark”.  The shooting star stamp signifies that it was made specifically for an Hermes employee. Measures 19¾” x 10″ x 14¼”. Has slight wear and has lost it’s key clochette and lock somewhere over the years. Priced accordingly, just contact us for more details.


On display

Creamy frocks with golden threads rule our window this week. We love doing these white/cream/ivory trios for you brides-to-be, graduates and everyone else who appreciates them. Don’t know if you noticed or not, but we skipped out on last week’s post. Sorries… We were playing hooky in Costa Rica with some Piña Coladas and jaguarundis. But we’re back now, fully  refreshed and ready to blow your socks off with some fantastic vintage for 2016! Stay tuned!

L-1960’s hand beaded brocade mini dress, size 0.

C-1960’s silk chiffon and lace dress with bell sleeves, size 0.

R-1960’s ribbon lace dress with scalloped hem, size 6.