Chanel deluge!

Ok ladies, take a deep breath and buckle your seat belts as we are about to show you our largest posting yet of Chanel treats! We have 21 items to woo you with, so get your screen shooting fingers ready because mother’s day is just around the corner.

Chanel blue Gripoix glass bubble clip ons. Measuring 7/8″.

Chanel dangle drop ball clip on earrings. Measuring 1¼” x ¼”.

Chanel gold clamper bangle. Measures 6″ in circumference x ½”. Buckle is 2½.

Chanel bangle with cube charms. Measures 8¼” circumference. Each cube is ¼”²

Chanel gold double chain necklace with fobs. Measures 39″ total length. Sold

Chanel gold swag chain belt. Measures 36″ x ¾”.

Chanel 1980’s red lambskin leather quilted clutch. Measures 11″ x 2¼” x 7¼”. Sold

Chanel 1980’s rust suede quilted purse with gold hardware. Measures 9¼” x 2″ x 6″. Sold

Chanel medium double flap 2.55 in camel caviar leather with gold hardware. Measures 10″ x 2½” x 6″. Has some minor issues, but who doesn’t? Sold

Chanel cream silk blouse with navy scalloped trim. Size 6-8.

Chanel cream silk blouse with black cuffs and logo pockets. Size 4-6. Sold

Chanel 2007 gray cashmere hoodie. Size 0-6. Sold

Chanel 1995 purple, black and fuchsia wool boucle skirt suit. Size 4-6. Sold

Chanel 1999 dusty rose boiled wool jacket. Size 4-6.

Chanel 2000 light lemon wool fitted and cropped jacket. Size 2-4.

Chanel 2000 light lemon jacket. Size 8.

Chanel 1999 mushroom and gold tweed jacket with toggles. Size 2-4.

Chanel 2008 black wool boucle jacket with braid trim. Size 0-2 Sold

Chanel 1998 chocolate cashmere jacket. Size 10

Chanel deep navy jacket. General size small.

Chanel 1980’s multicoloured wool boucle jacket. Size 8.

As always, please contact us for more details.

On display

Dove grays and cutaways occupy the centre stage this week in our window. When creme or white isn’t right, why not opt for this subtle neutral alternative?

L~ 1960’s crochet cutaway midriff dress, size 4-6. Sold

C~1970’s hand beaded jersey gown, size 2-4. Sold

R~1960’s cutaway brocade cocktail dress, size 6.

On display

I’m releasing my inner dominatrix this week (not really) by giving you a black leather filled window. Fun fact; I cut my teeth in many a retail shop before opening the Meow Meow and Danier leather (RIP) was one of them. Therefore I may know a thing or two about skins. One things for sure, I can tell you that all three items featured here are made of fine supple lamb leather. Only the best for you kittens!

L~Thierry Mugler 1990’s black leather dress, size 4-6.

C~1980’s black leather pleated and studded skirt, size 0-2. Worn with a Leger top, size XS and a Dior necklace.

R~Contemporary Mikael D leather and lace dress, size 2-4. Worn with a Burberry London quilted leather peplum jacket, size 0-2.

On display

Our fresh window has 3 dollops of cream but with 0 calories! How sweet is that?! We have been getting alot of you brides through as of late so we though we should do an ‘alternative bridal’ theme for this week. Whether it’s a tack filled Las Vegas eloping (white lace 60’s jumpsuit anyone?), a chic barn wedding in the country or a highbrow affair in the Swiss alps; we do have options for you.

L~ 1950’s hand embellished wool cardigan, size smedium sold.  Worn with a Herve Leger mini, XXS.

C~1960’s double layer silk chiffon gown with pearl and crystal encrusted bodice. Size 6.

R~1960’s Swiss couture hand made lace dress. Size 6-8. Worn with a Deco crystal necklace.

Old money

Is there any better way to resemble old money other than toting a vintage Hermès Kelly bag? We think not! So if your grand mother/mother wasn’t a dame, lady, Von or heiress to say a large potato empire supplying fries to the masses; then we’ve got you covered. Please welcome our newest members to the Hermès tower.

Hermes 1990 35 cm burgundy box calf Kelly. Measures 14″ x 5″ x 9″. Comes with duster bag, key cloche, lock and strap.

Hermes Sterling Silver equestrian stirrup bracelet. Measures 7¾” x 1″.

On display

If you’re a long time follower of our blog then you know that pink & purple is our #1 fav colour mash up.  So it should come as no surprise that this window was a real treat for us to merchandise. These suits are giving us total Elle Woods vibes and that’s probably another reason why we love it so much. Details on these chic ensembles below.

L~Escada Couture pink silk satin suit with removable mink trim. Size 10.

C~1960’s lilac wool suit with pink fox sleeves. Skirt size 4, jacket size 4-6.

R~1960’s pink wool suit with fox sleeves. Skirt size 0, jacket size 0-4

The 10th party

Just a big ‘thank-you’ to all of you who sent us congratulatory wishes and came out last Saturday to our party. We had a blast and look forward to what the next 10 years have to bring!

The always chic Hannah Hoppe.